Top mp3s of the Week (11/2)


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    “You are the music while the music lasts.” -T.S. Eliot


    Atoms for Peace – “What the Eyeballs Did”

    atoms for peace hot Top mp3s of the Week (11/2)

    There’s something eerily Cramp-ish about the B-side to the upcoming Atoms for Peace 12” (out November 19th via XL). Maybe it’s the track title, or Flea’s wobbly-yet-persistent bassline, or the fact that I’ve still got Halloween on my mind, but I swore Lux Interior was about to start howling about killer eyeballs. Then Thom Yorke’s wailing falsetto reminded me that poor Lux is no more (R.I.P.) and that this isn’t The Cramps. But that’s not to say “What the Eyeballs Did” is disappointing—because it’s not. Yorke is building off the skittish beats of The Eraser and letting his bandmates carve the soundscapes. Symphonic chords rise and fall to pulse off the aforementioned bassline—ostensibly the creative work of Nigel Godrich and Flea respectively. Yorke’s vocals are mostly indistinguishable, peeking out of the mix for a line or two before diving right back into the murk. -Jon Hadusek

    Crystal Castles – “Affection”

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    The core components of “Affection” are that of a standard electropop song: rat-a-tat beats, oscillating drones, reverb-drenched vocals, and synthetic keyboard riffs. It’s Crystal Castles’ arrangement of these elements that extricate the duo from the massive amount of electro/dance producers using the same aesthetics. Singer Alice Glass never lets us hear what she has to say; her words are garbled by sound effects, though her voice still hits low notes, high notes, unsettling notes, and electronically altered notes. That’s Crystal Castles’ shtick. It’s weird—scary, even—but you can still dance to it. “Affection” is the latest cut from the group’s forthcoming LP, (III), which is out November 12th via Casablanca/Fiction/Universal Republic. -Jon Hadusek

    Dragon Inn 3 – “Up in the Business”

     Top mp3s of the Week (11/2)

    Dragon Inn 3 is the side-project of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin frontman Philip Dickey. Alongside his sister Roni Dickey and friend Brook Linder, Philip Dickey formed Dragon Inn 3, and the trio’s first single, “Up in the Business”, is an anachronistic synth jam straight off the soundtrack to an ‘80s flick. In fact, the band is calling its debut EP Ghoul School, and the album cover says “original soundtrack of the major video picture.” The warm and gentle “Up in the Business” bounces along like it just graduated high school and it’s elated and in love and ready to take on the world (read: Lloyd Dobler). Roni takes lead vocals; the hints of twee in her voice are both cute and melodic. Fans of M83 (especially Saturdays = Youth) will appreciate the nostalgic vibes. -Jon Hadusek

    Four Tet – “Lion” (Jamie xx remix)

    four tet pink Top mp3s of the Week (11/2)

    Four Tet and Jamie xx must be pals. The two continue to remix each other’s work (check out previous remixes of “VCR” and “Angels”), and this time Jamie xx sliced and diced Four Tet’s “Lion”, cutting the track from nine minutes down to four. The original’s snappy drums remain, but the dense textures, wistful piano, and bass drones are all xx. The end result is a far moodier, more succinct piece of downtempo electronica. -Jon Hadusek

    The Gaslight Anthem – “Skinny Love” (Bon Iver cover)

     Top mp3s of the Week (11/2)

    The Gaslight Anthem aren’t exactly folksy balladeers, but damned if they don’t turn in an excellent take on Bon Iver’s acoustic smash “Skinny Love”. The cover, taken from the upcoming Black Friday Record Store Day exclusive Hold You Up EP (due November 23rd), gets a little grittier in the vocals. Brian Fallon pours his heart out, even dropping in a Springsteen-y grumble-growl for good measure. Whether it was the Halloween season that inspired this impression, another strong take on this already legendary melody sits so right with the crunching leaves. -Adam Kivel

    Ill Bill feat. El-P – “Severed Heads of State”

    el p ill bill Top mp3s of the Week (11/2)

    Underground rap honcho Ill Bill and the ever-productive El-P came together for the anarchic “Severed Heads of State”, and boy is it a doozy. When Bill suggests that we “play dungeons and dragons on mushrooms and acid,” it’s like, jeez, how can we not torch storefronts and flip cars. But seriously, it gets darker from there, calling out Americans as “ignorant mutants for nukes.” The bass heavy rampager later sees El-P noting that “nothing’s promised but static and dirty conscience.” The track comes from Ill Bill’s upcoming The Grimy Awards, due January 29th via Uncle Howie. -Adam Kivel

    Kendrick Lamar – “The Jig Is Up (Dump’n)”

    kendrick the jig is up Top mp3s of the Week (11/2)

    Kendrick Lamar is super appreciative of the love being thrown towards his Top Star LP, good kid, m.A.A.d city. To prove it, he dropped yet another new cut, the J. Cole and Canei Finch produced “The Jig Is Up (Dump’n)”. The track is beyond fresh, referencing the fact that the album debuted number two on Billboard, but still referencing his tough reputation: “drive past, guns blast, shooting up the charts too.” The bass-banging beat leaves plenty of room for Lamar to look at where he came from and how far he’s gone. -Adam Kivel

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