Top mp3s of the Week (11/30)


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    “You are the music while the music lasts.” -T.S. Eliot

    Big Boi feat. Ludacris & T.I. – “In the A”

    big boi vicious lies and dangerous rumors e1351799734487 Top mp3s of the Week (11/30)

    Don’t mention that adage about cooks in the kitchen to Big Boi, Ludacris, or T.I.; the three Atlanta honchos combine forces for the bombastic, hometown-repping “In the A”. The anxious, bubbling synths, thunderous brass stabs, and menacing bass set the stage for the “official ATLiens”, each adding their own particular flavor to the mix. Luda’s never gonna stop dropping cheeky bars about his sexual exploits, Tip lets slip some lines about his drug game, and Sir Leftfoot plain delivers “like a postman.” The frenetic jam comes from Big Boi’s upcoming Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors, due December 11th via Def Jam. -Adam Kivel

    Chella H – “Ugg Boots”

     Top mp3s of the Week (11/30)

    Sure, Nelly dedicated a song to his Air Force Ones, Run-D.M.C. repped their Adidas, and Wale brought your attention to his “Nike Boots”. Now it’s the ladies’ turn. Chicago rapper Chella H loves her Uggs, and her new single “Ugg Boots” demonstrates how she can “kick a bitch ass in my Ugg boots / I can even dance in my Ugg boots / hella swag in my Ugg boots.” Force One Seven delivers a stomp-clap raver, and the quick-rising Chella extols her own myriad values as much as those of the boots. You can stream the shoe-loving cut over at Fake Shore Drive or download it from iTunes. -Adam Kivel

    Chromatics – “Cherry”

    italians do it better compilation after dark 2 e1342561237971 Top mp3s of the Week (11/30)

    Record label Italians Do It Better is dropping a compilation album called After Dark II in the near future, and label co-founder Johnny Jewel has managed to slip in a few tracks from his own band, Chromatics. In addition to the previously released 17-minute epic “Looking For Love”, the comp will also include “Cherry”. On the surface, it’s standard fare for Chromatics: steady drum machines, glitzy keyboards, and a thin layer of ’80s ambience. But it’s been a while since the band’s written a pop song this tight. Ruth Radelet’s vocals sound strong, her annunciation vibrant (rather than hazy like on Kill For Love). Random label compilations aren’t supposed to house songs of this quality. Makes you wonder what Chromatics have tucked away for their next full-length. -Jon Hadusek

    Dungeonesse – “Drive You Crazy”

    dungeonesse large Top mp3s of the Week (11/30)
    Jenn Wasner’s a busy gal. She fronts Wye Oak. She does her own little shoegaze thing as Flock of Dimes. And now she’s teamed with fellow Baltimore musician Jon Ehrens for Dungeonesse, a high-NRG electro project. “Drive You Crazy” is their first single (with an LP on Secretly Canadian promised for 2013), and it sees Wasner crooning over speedy beats and jittery, artificial drums. Somehow, she finds a way to adapt her unassuming vocals to this type of music, further proving her versatility as a singer and artist. -Jon Hadusek

    Golden Grrrls – “We’ve Got…”

    golden grrrls 608x608 Top mp3s of the Week (11/30)

    A serious entry in the Best Punny Band Name Ever contest, Glasgow indie pop trio Golden Grrrls are set to release their self-titled debut LP (due February 26th from Slumberland). As that date nears, they let loose an early taste in the form of the lo-fi, bouncy gem “We’ve Got…”. Rachel Aggs’ cooed take on heart-on-the-sleeve lines like “it’s not the same, no it’s not the same” interweave with male harmonies, leaving Eilidh Rodger’s shimmying rhythms to pin everything together. The trio are set to open for Veronica Falls on their upcoming tour, and the easy emotionality and hazy sweetness of tracks like this are sure to be a great match. -Adam Kivel

    Grave Babies – “Over and Under Ground”

    grave babies crusher Top mp3s of the Week (11/30)

    Grave Babies is the songwriting vehicle for Seattle musician Danny Wahlfeldt. He and his band are releasing their forthcoming LP, Crusher, on February 26th via Hardly Art, and if lead single “Over and Under Ground” is any indication, it’s going to be a noisy collection of songs. Wahlfeldt’s husky voice is multiplied and layered, giving it an, ahem, crushing density. There’s abrasive percussion and a post-punk bassline, but Wahlfeldt’s emphatic chants of “over and under, over and under” overtake the instrumentation. -Jon Hadusek

    METZ – “Dirty Shirt”

    metz leave me out Top mp3s of the Week (11/30)

    We were already pretty damn high on noise rockers METZ, and then they went and dropped another ruckus of a single in “Dirty Shirt”. The rampaging percussion and swarming guitars could likely raise the grunge dead. Once things reach that start-stop riff crash-up, there seems to be nowhere else to go. But then the guitar squeals clash like fighting cats, and you’ll be begging for more. Throughout, Alex Edkins’ scuzzy vocals are buried somewhere in the distorted mud, and Chris Slorach’s bass barrage begs to be blared through busted car speakers. The single will be available along with B-side “Leave Me Out” on December 4th via Sub Pop. -Adam Kivel

    Rudimental feat. Angel Haze – “Hell Could Freeze”

    rudimental hell could freeze ft angel haze Top mp3s of the Week (11/30)

    CoSigned rapper Angel Haze is slowly building her resume, working with French producer Lunice for “Gimme That” and now collaborating with UK drum and bass quartet Rudimental on “Hell Could Freeze”. The song’s chorus of moody R&B singers repeating the title is calm and sensual, but the verses are a barrage of glitched-out drums that test Haze’s ability to keep up. Per usual, she fires out phrases at rapid speeds, this time from the perspective of a woman in a doomed relationship: “Cupid’s gun to our souls / he just can’t trigger chemistry / I need a lot of things that you can’t really give to me.” -Jon Hadusek

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