Can members form Cyclopean, announce EP


    cyclopean Can members form Cyclopean, announce EP

    Can members Jaki Liebezeit and Irmin Schmidt have paired up with German producer Burnt Friedman and British composer Jono Podmore to form Cyclopean (via Exclaim). The four will release a self-titled EP through Mute and Spoon on February 4th.

    Here’s a little more context, according to their press release:

    The title provides a metaphor for the music: Cyclopean forms are beautiful, massive and intriguing structures that interlock, intersect and connect seemingly contradictory components. Heavy, yet light, powerful, subtle, intriguing and playful. There’s also a flavour of the ancient in this music – an artefact from a sophisticated pre-culture perhaps. Extraordinary instrumentation – rubber band guitar, theremin, prepared piano – is unified through the monumental and unique drum patterns, as the characters of the four players are at once individually unmistakably and irrevocably intertwined.

    While you let that all fully absorb, take a listen to the six-minute “Fingers” at the group’s SoundCloud. Then consult the tracklist below to come back down to Earth.


    Cyclopean Tracklist: 
    01. Apostles
    02. Fingers
    03. Knuckles
    04. Weeks

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