Giveaway: Halo 4 OST Limited Edition Box Set


    new halo box still 2 copy Giveaway: Halo 4 OST Limited Edition Box Set

    The Covenant have been defeated. The Flood has been dammed. The Halo Array is no longer a threat. With their mission finally accomplished, Master Chief and the advanced (and kinda hot) AI construct Cortana are adrift on what’s left of Forward Unto Dawn, heading towards the artificial planet known as Requiem. What awaits them there is a race of Forerunners never seen before. And…

    Some epic freakin’ music! The latest chapter in Xbox’s Halo series, Halo 4, hit shelves in November, and gamers have been bustin’ Promethean and Covenant heads ever since. As their throwing plasma grenades and cutting down enemies with the new Saw, Massive Attack co-producer Neil Davidge provides the soundtrack.

    Whoa, wait; you don’t have the game? You haven’t heard the soundtrack?! Your heresy will stay your feet.


    Let us fix that. We’re giving away one special limited edition Halo 4 Original Soundtrack box set and a copy of Halo 4 for your Xbox 360. The box set includes:

    –  Original Soundtrack CD (15 Tracks)
    – Bonus remix CD. Includes: DJ Skee & THX, Gui Boratto, Sander Van Doorn & Julian Jordan, Apocalyptica, Caspa and more.
    – 180 Gram, 12″ Master Chief picture disk vinyl of remixes.
    Making of Halo 4 Music DVD and Book features behind the scenes photos and; footage from the Abbey Road sessions, Neil Davidge’s production and composition notes.
    – 12”X12” Halo 4 Art Print
    – Exclusive Art print of Master Chief signed by Neil Davidge

    Getting your geeky little hands on this sweet prize pack is a synch. Option one: simply fill out the form below. Option two: enter through our free mobile app. To nab the app, head to the iTunes or Android Store and download a copy. Create your account or use Facebook to sign in, click “Giveaways” and enter there. Boom. Alternatively, just use the form directions below, and be sure to follow Consequence of Sound on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t worry; we never make a girl a promise if we can’t keep it.


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