At the Drive-In reissues Acrobatic Tenement and Relationship of Command


    atdi reissues At the Drive In reissues Acrobatic Tenement and Relationship of Command

    Ever break up with a significant other, but for some reason you keep hooking up with them because, let’s face it, it was really freakin’ good? That’s kinda what’s happening with Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López. Less than a week after Bixler-Zavala essentially ended The Mars Volta with a Tweeted “Dear John” letter, and Rodríguez-López lifted a middle finger with the first track from his new band, Bosnian Rainbows, the feuding figureheads’ original band, At the Drive-In, have announced a new pair of reissues.

    As Pitchfork reports, ATDI’s will reissue both their debut album, 1996’s Acrobatic Tenement, and their final album, 2000’s Relationship of Command, later this year through their personal imprint, Twenty-First Chapter Records. Acrobatic Tenement is due March 5th (March 25th in the UK from Transgressive), followed by Relationship of Command on April 22nd. While digital, CD, and vinyl editions will be available for both, Relationship of Command will see a limited color vinyl release for this year’s Record Store Day on April 20th.

    Guitarist Jim Ward said in a press release, “It was interesting to revisit the recordings that bookended the first chapters of our band. The earnest and pure excitement of the beginning and the level of craftsmanship we achieved by Relationship of Command leaves me nothing but proud. I am happy these records have found their way to continue to feel new as people discover music they love and embrace our work.”


    Consult both albums’ tracklists and the clip for “One Armed Scissor” down yonder.

    Acrobatic Tenement Tracklist:
    01. StarSlight
    02. Schaffino
    03. Ebroglio
    04. Initiation
    05. Communication Drive-In
    06. Skips on the Record
    07. Paid Vacation Time
    08. Ticklish
    09. Blue Tag
    10. Coating of Arms
    11. Porfirio Diaz

    Relationship of Command Tracklist:
    01. Arcarsenal
    02. Pattern Against User
    03. One Armed Scissor
    04. Sleepwalk Capsules
    05. Invalid Litter Dept.
    06. Mannequin Republic
    07. Enfilade
    08. Rolodex Propaganda
    09. Quarantined
    10. Cosmonaut
    11. Non-Zero Possibility
    12. Catacombs (Bonus Track)

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