Coachella’s 2013 Lineup: One Day Later


    coachella 2013 Coachellas 2013 Lineup: One Day Later

    Coachella’s 2013 lineup is now one day old and that means it’s time for some post-reveal analysis. In the pages that follow, we run through the biggest highlights and surprises appearing on this year’s bill, in addition to the most glaring omissions. We also highlight five names worth knowing as you prepare for April’s big weekend(s). Do you agree with our selections? Voice your thoughts in the comments below.


    Wu-Tang Clan

     Coachellas 2013 Lineup: One Day Later

    They were one of the earliest rumors for Coachella, but remain one of the best gets. With so much creative juice flowing between Raekwon’s new EP and RZA’s recent awe-inspiring soundtrack to The Man with the Iron Fists, it’s apparent that there’s much energy left to be shared with this outfit. Also, they have a new album soon, which means we could hear new stuff. You did hear “Six Degrees of Boxing”, right? -Michael Roffman

    How to Destroy Angels

    how to destroy angels e1359130109641 Coachellas 2013 Lineup: One Day Later

    Coachella marks the first announced performance for Trent Reznor’s new super side-project, which features his wife Mariqueen Maandig, Atticus Ross, and Rob Sheridan rounding out the lineup. They’ll perform material from their forthcoming debut LP (out in March) and their two past EPs. -Alex Young


    blur 2012 Coachellas 2013 Lineup: One Day Later

    Blur returns to America for the first time since July 2003 to headline Coachella alongside fellow Britpop legends The Stone Roses. Damon Albarn’s headlining show with Gorillaz in 2010 earned universal acclaim, but it’ll be interesting to see how American audiences react to the band once they’re done playing “Song 2”. -Alex Young

    The Stone Roses

    stone roses1 Coachellas 2013 Lineup: One Day Later


    The seminal four-piece Britpop group reunited last year, performing a handful of shows across the UK and Europe. Although they’ve rarely ever performed in the United States, The Stone Roses will be headlining Coachella on Friday, marking their first U.S. show since their reunion. Whether they’ll be performing from their 1994 hit Second Coming or the new album purportedly in the works, remains to be seen. Nonetheless, The Stone Roses have resurrected. -Paula Mejia

    Sigur Rós

    sigur ros brooklyn Coachellas 2013 Lineup: One Day Later

    Have you heard the preview for Sigur Rós’ song? It sounds like the band wants to come down from the stratosphere and back to Earth (or even further below), and they’ve promised to play several new songs from their “aggressive” eighth studio album at Coachella. Also, if you haven’t seen Sigur Rós before, don’t worry — it’s not like you’ll be violently shushed in a shush pit if you happen to cough during “Svefn-g-englar”. In fact, the plot of their live set is one of the most extreme and dynamic ones you’ll see. -Jeremy D. Larson

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