Add John Bonham to any song with The Bonhamizer!


john bonham bbc 6 music Add John Bonham to any song with The Bonhamizer!

For anyone who’s ever listened a song and thought, “Man, this could use John Bonham on drums,” programmer Paul Lamere’s got you covered with The Bonhamizer. Though it sounds like a combination knife-hammer multi-tool, The Bonhamizer is actually a website that allows users to upload songs and add drums by the late, great Led Zeppelin drum god.

There are currently four varieties of Bonham drumming available: “Hammer of the Gods”, “Basic Bonham”, “Double Time Shuffle”, and “Bonham Shuffle”. Head here to enjoy pre-Bonhamized songs from The Beatles, Adele, Radiohead, The White Stripes, and more. Then, waste away an entire day by uploading your own tracks here.

Warning: do not Bonhamize any Led Zeppelins tracks. The double dose of righteous rhythm will literally implode your computer into a pile of ash.

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