Top 10 Videos of the Week (2/22)


    staticcloudf Top 10 Videos of the Week (2/22)

    Similar to our weekly collection of MP3s, we decided to start ranking each week’s best videos. So, from here on out, our favorite weekly videos will be ordered in quality from 10-1. Who reigns champ this week? Grab some popcorn, sit back, and find out.

    10. Matt Costa – “Good Times” (Beyoncé Cover)

    Dude in the striped sweater is getting his Jean-Paul Belmondo on real hard. Too bad things don’t turn out real well for him in this video from Matt Costa.

    09. Screaming Females – “Poison Arrow”

    The Annual Screaming Females Art Open: where all good album cover concept art goes to die (specifically that art which was made by a group of cross dressers). I promise that sentence will make more sense after you watch this video.

    08. HAIM – “Falling”

    Seems as though it’s hard to go far without hearing, reading about, or seeing California sisters HAIM. Their latest video for “Falling”, a track which we’ve been unable to resist, finds the band galavanting through a foggy wooded area, having a general good time and such. HAIM will be performing at this year’s Bonnaroo, which we found out this week too.

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