Zorch, and the joie de vivre of their new song “We All Die Young”


artworks 000040825000 sij81x large Zorch, and the joie de vivre of their new song We All Die Young

The Austin super-psych duo of Zorch revel in the sheer fun of music, the joy that it brings, and always affirm that life is not for the bummer jams but for the celebration of anything any and all that is good and true, amen. Similarly-minded Los Angeles label Sargent House took the band under their wing for their forthcoming debut album Zzoorrcchh, and have released the first taste of the LP, the from-the-mountaintop jam of “We All Die Young”. While it shares the ethos of the like-named Ke$ha tune, Zorch’s path to elation is paved by Shmu’s hyper-spastic drumming and Zac Traeger’s dayglo synths. Really feel the track below (via SPIN).

Zzoorrcchh will be out this summer, and Zorch will everywhere in their hometown of Austin during SXSW, including a party called SXSWendy’s.

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