Oh goddammit, the Drive soundtrack is getting reissued!


    If you’re like me, you probably revisited the theater multiple times in the fall of 2011 to catch Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive. If you’re really like me, then you might have had your girlfriend make a faux Gosling jacket for that year’s Halloween, only to buy the real thing a month later. However, any vinyl enthusiasts out there, who share even the slightest love of the film that I do, probably laid down a pretty penny for its accompanying soundtrack on wax. (I know I did. It’s pink and was shipped from overseas.) Well, get ready to dish out more money.

    As Pitchfork reports, and you’ve no doubt noticed above, there’s a new vinyl reissue that sports some awe-inspiring artwork by Tyler Stout based around the film. Yep, on March 15th, Austin’s Mondo Gallery will be selling the new 2xLP on their website, and what’s worse, it comes with a fold-out poster of Stout’s artwork and a few random copies will, too, be available on pink wax. So, if you’re sitting there with that original vinyl from last year, it’s okay to pout and frown as you click ‘purchase.’

    Consult the full tracklist below and catch the trailer for the beaut shortly after.

    Drive Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Tracklist:
    01. Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
    02. Desire – Under Your Spell
    03. College – A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth)
    04. Riz Ortolani – Oh My Love (feat. Katyna Ranieri)
    05. Chromatics – Tick of the Clock
    06. Rubber Head
    07. I Drive
    08. He Had a Good Time
    09. They Broke His Pelvis
    10. Kick Your Teeth
    11. Where’s the Deluxe Version?
    12. See You in Four
    13. After the Chase
    14. Hammer
    15. Wrong Floor
    16. Skull Crushing
    17. My Name on a Car
    18. On the Beach
    19. Bride of Deluxe


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