Rdio Playlist: RDGLDGRN


    “These are songs that we frequently visit on road trips. They’re the soundtrack to our travel in between GOLD talking shit and making fun of everyone while making us all laugh and me (GREEN) freestyle batting AREJAY (drummer) about how Chris Paul ain’t a better point guard then Rajon Rondo.” –RDGLDGRN

    RDGLDGRN, a gritty hybrid of organic hip hop and rock with Dave Grohl on drums, stop by and offer one of the more eccelctic mixes we’ve gotten in a minute, from a classic Haitian tune to Ghostface Killa to indie pop freshman Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Listen to the playlist and check out the liner notes below. Catch the band in a few weeks down in Austin at SXSW.


    Bad Brains – “Pay To Cum
    this song is balls to the wall DC Hardcore and HR is spewing out lyrics with a pure eff you attitude! love it.

    Kassav – “Zouk La Sé Sel Médikaman Nou Ni”
    GREEN is Haitian and he showed us this and it’s a classic tune that one can’t help but dance to.


    Ghostface Killah – “Nutmeg”
    One of the best songs on one of the best Wu-Tang albums ever. Rap at its finest!

    Kendrick Lamar – “Sing About Me, I’m Dyin of Thirst”
    One of the many excellent tracks on this album, we all love the feel and the beat is excellent.

    Willy Moon – “Yeah Yeah”
    There’s absolutely no denying the beat here, Willy Moon is that dude! The track even has some of our DC Go-Go feel coupled with a Wu-Tang sample, what’s not to love!?


    SBTRKT – “Something Goes Right”
    we first heard this on one of the music apps while we were out in LA recording the album and loved it ever since. The groove is great, compliments to the chef.

    Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – “We Almost Lost Detroit”
    This track oozes soul with a great guitar line and vocals. Fun fact, it wasn’t until later that GOLD found out it was a Gil Scott-Heron cover.

    Foo Fighters – “My Hero”
    This is an epic example of drums that we all fell in love with years ago. We sometimes referenced this song during the writing process when it came to our own drum sound.


    Deftones – “Be Quite and Drive (Far Away)”
    This is one of the songs that made GOLD fall in love with the Deftones and they are one of the biggest influences in his earlier work in the Northern Virginia local scene during the early 2000s. To this day he continues to bring a similar subby/low-end heaviness to the table.

    Three 6 Mafia -“Poppin My Collar” We all love this southern gem. It’s classic Three Six from the beat to all the verses. By the way, Juicy J for President.