Van Dyke Parks to compile new material on Songs Cycled


    van dyke parks songs cycle e1362161288867 Van Dyke Parks to compile new material on Songs Cycled

    Over the last few years, celebrated songwriter Van Dyke Parks has released a series of 7″ singles containing his first new material since 1989’s Tokyo Rose. As Pitchfork reports, Bella Union will compile this material on a forthcoming record titled Songs Cycled, due out May 6th.

    The tracklist includes new compositions, re-recordings of old tracks, covers, and collaborations with Guatemalan singer Gaby Moreno and Inara George of the Bird and the Bee.

    Below, you can stream “Hold Back Time”, a re-recording of a song from Parks’ 1995 collaborative album with Brian Wilson, Orange Crate Art. The tracklist follows (via Pitchfork).


    Songs Cycled Tracklist:
    01. Dreaming of Paris (original)
    02. Hold Back Time (re-recording of song from Orange Crate Art)
    03. Sassafras (new recording, originally by Billy Edd Wheeler)
    04. Black Gold (a fantasy on the sinking of The Prestige, off the coast of the Bay of Biscay, recorded in 2002)
    05. Aquarium (cover of Saint-Saëns piece, recorded in 1971 with the Esso Trinidad Steel Band)
    06. Money Is King (picks up where “Wall Street” ends, written with Growling Tiger, a.k.a. Trinidadian Calypso musician Neville Marcano)
    07. Wall Street (original)
    08. The Parting Hand (version of a Sacred Harp hymn from the 1800s)
    09. The All Golden (a re-recording from Song Cycle)
    10. Wedding in Madagascar (version of traditional folk song)
    11. Missin’ Mississippi (original)
    12. Amazing Graces (ft. The Van Dyke Parks Orchestra)

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