Lady Lamb the Beekeeper performs “Florence Berlin” for Backyard Brunch Sessions


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    Lambs and beekeepers really have no business being around each other, yet Aly Spaltro has captured our hearts as Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. Similarly, grilled cheese sandwiches seemingly don’t belong with french toast, but that’s exactly what Spaltro had for brunch thanks to master cook/musical connoisseur David Chaitt. Chaitt hosts Backyard Brunch Sessions in his Williamsburg home where he serves up a delicious recipe followed by an intimate backyard concert. Way back in 2011, Lady Lamb stopped by for a culinary conundrum and a special performance.

    Chaitt reached deep into his archives to find this video of “Florence Berlin” from that afternoon back in October ’11. Things start off with Spaltro looking quizzically at the sandwich Chaitt made her, and her question says it all: “How did this work?” There’s no questioning the performance that follows, however, as even years before Ripely Pine earned her Top Star status, Lady Lamb could deliver one hell of a captivating show (still can, too!).

    Check out the clip below, and find instructions for those ungodly sandwiches underneath the video. You can also head to the Backyard Brunch Sessions website to see behind-the-scenes pictures and download audio of the complete set via NYCTaper.

    Ripely Pine is available now on Ba Da Bing Records.

    Grilled Cheese French Toast
    Chaitt offer’s four varieties:

    1. Brie and apple with drizzled honey and sprinkled cinnamon
    2. Marissa (cave aged sheep) and four fruit jam
    3. Rupert (semi soft cow) with green zebra tomatoes
    4. Goat cheese with caramelized onions
    • Leave bread out over night to make it stale, which makes it easier to absorb egg batter.
    • For me, egg batter consists of eggs and whole milk beaten thoroughly (and don’t get egg shells in the batter!).
    • Dip bread into batter and let sit for a minute to absorb.
    • While bread is in batter, heat pan with a healthy dollop of butter.
    • Add soaked bread to pan, brown one side, and then sear the other side just long enough so that it’s not gooey from batter.
    • Take bread out of pan and place on a cutting board brown side up.
    • Add cheese and additional ingredients and put other bread on top, having the brown sides on the inside (this will melt cheese quicker and make sure egg is cooked).
    • Place sandwich back in pan with more butter and brown both sides of the sandwich.
    • ENJOY!

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