Listen to Dirty Beaches’ sax-heavy new track, “Landscapes In The Mist”


    dirtybeacheslovedrifterscover Listen to Dirty Beaches sax heavy new track, Landscapes In The Mist

    As previously reported, Montreal lo-fi rocker Alex Zhang Hungtai (aka Dirty Beaches) will return next month with a double album entitled Drifters/Love Is The Devil. According to a press release, the two LPs examine vastly different parts of Hungtai’s existence: Love focuses on his “remorse and lovelorn tragedies”, as evidenced by the melancholy title track, while Drifters analyzes the “bright neon temptations dwelling in hedonistic irresponsible values” of his night-life predilections.

    Even with the flashier subject matter, Hungtai’s exploration of all things fun takes on a morose turn in Drifters‘ lead-off track, “Landscapes In The Mist”. Here, Hungtai takes a haggard saxaphone and layers it on top of the random clitter-clatter of percussion and a sea of airy samples. The slow-rumbling soundscape sounds like the soundtrack to one killer dance party; that is, after the tape was smashed with a hammer and burned with a torch. Stream it below, or save it for the next social function you want to turn sour.


    Drifters/Love Is The Devil is due out May 21st via Zoo Music. Hungtai will also be on tour in the U.S. this Fall, with dates to be announced shortly.

    Drifters Tracklist:
    01. Night Walk
    02. I Dream In Neon
    03. Belgrade
    04. Casino Lisboa
    05. ELLI
    06. Aurevoir Mon Visage
    07. Mirage Hall
    08. Landscapes In The Mist

    Love Is the Devil Tracklist:
    01. Greyhound At Night
    02. This Is Not My City
    03. Woman
    04. Love Is The Devil
    05. Alone At The Danube River
    06. I Don’t Know How To Find My Way Back To You
    07. Like The Ocean We Part
    08. Berlin


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