Top 10 MP3s of the Week (4/26)


    cassettes Top 10 MP3s of the Week (4/26)

    The top mp3s have gone through many incarnations since the beginning of Consequence of Sound in 2007. What used to be an exhaustive roundup of all the singles, remixes, covers, and undiscovered gems emailed to us any given week evolved into a compilation whittled down to our 10 favorite new songs. For 2013, we’re again changing up the format with the hope of giving our selections some added weight. We’re still posting about our 10 favorite songs, but they’ll be ordered in quality from 10-1. Who takes home #1 this week? You’ll have to click ‘Next’ to find out.

    10. Baths – “Ironworks”

    bathworks Top 10 MP3s of the Week (4/26)

    Will Wiesenfeld (who records under the moniker Baths) can carry a haunting melody in addition to cutting some seriously violent drum loops, “Ironworks” being a prime example. After a stark piano intro, Wiesenfeld begins methodically layering texture upon texture, starting with the aforementioned percussion. The instrumentation quivers anxiously, uncertain. In contrast, Wiesenfeld’s falsetto has never sounded so confident. After lead single “Miasma Sky”, “Ironworks” is the second track from Baths’ forthcoming LP, Obsidian. -Jon Hadusek

    9. Goat – “Dreambuilding”

    goatdreambuilding Top 10 MP3s of the Week (4/26)

    It might be hard to tell through all of the alt percussion shaking and desert rock riffage on “Dreambuilding”, but Goat are actually a pack of Swedes. Crowd-chanted vocals clamber around on top of staccato guitars and dozens of shakers, psychedelic wah, and far-off kalimbas shambling into the song at different points. After initiating the ritual, a lone guitar ascends like a shaman into the ether, rattling and crowing into the night. “Dreambuilding” is already out in Goat’s native Scandinavia, but will be released as a 7″ single in Europe on June 3rd via Rocket, and everywhere else the next day via Sub Pop. Stream over at Pitchfork-Adam Kivel

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