Watch Laura Marling’s short film “When Brave Bird Saved”, featuring four new songs


    Laura Marling short film

    Laura Marling has already shared two tracks off her forthcoming album Once I Was An Eagle: the melancholic “Where Can I Go?” and the fiery “Master Hunter”. Now, through a new short film titled “When Brave Bird Saved”, the UK singer-songwriter previews four more: “Take The Night Off”, “I Was An Eagle”, “You Know”, and “Breathe”.

    Directors Fred & Nick had this to say of the nearly 19-minute piece:

    “When Brave Bird Saved” is an introduction to a visual journey directly inspired, informed, and narrated by the first four tracks of Once I Was An Eagle. Having collaborated with Laura over the last four years, the ambition and scope of this film marks an exciting new direction for us — and we were given total freedom to focus strongly on the distinct journey of the four tracks.”

    Watch it below (via Noisey).

    Once I Was An Eagle is due out on May 28th via Ribbon Music. Pre-order it here.