Your dream come true: Alec Baldwin interviewed Thom Yorke


alec thom yorke

Few men’s deep, rich baritones are more deserving of a podcast, so thankfully WNYC recently gave Alec Baldwin his very own program. And because he’s Alec Baldwin, former star of Pearl Harbor, brother of Fred Flintstone, he’s got quite the Rolodex. Already his podcast Here’s the Thing has featured conversations with director Judd Apatow, actor Lena Dunham, and Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck, and today he’s posted a lengthy interview with Radiohead/Atoms for Peace’s very own Thom Yorke.

The two discussed politics and the environment, for sure, but they also dug deep into Yorke’s music career, touching on the first time he used a computer to make music and why he was inspired to form Atoms For Peace.

Yorke also discussed what’d he like to do once his music career is over:

Well, my mate Stanley Donwood, who I went to art college with, who does all our artwork with – I mean I do it with him kind of thing – we always have these lovely plans about we want to go and live in Berlin for a month and just paint and get in trouble and things like that. So, we call ourselves the Sunday Painters and we go on bad painting trips.

Take a listen to the full episode below.

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