Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/31)


cassettes Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/31)

It’s another week of sonic bliss. A little hip-hop grit, a healthy dose of electronic splashes, and a rental of garage rock. So, once again, there’s no excuses in missing out here. Listen, favorite, and move along, please.

10. Bass Drum of Death – “Crawling After You”

Bass Drum of Death - 2013

The conceit is simple: Girl breaks up with guy, guy does all he can to get back with said girl. Bass Drum of Death express their tragic romance through snarling power chords and catchy guitar lines, not unlike contemporaries Ty Segall and John Dwyer. But whereas those two might cower behind vague symbolism, Bass Drum frontman John Barrett is direct in his admissions: “I know I’m wasting time/ Trying bad to make you mine.” The track will be included on the Mississippi outfit’s forthcoming self-titled album, due out June 25th via Innovative Leisure. -Jon Hadusek

9. Sundays – “World We Own”

sundays Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/31)

The only thing as resonant, entrancing, and powerful as the swirling electronic depths of “World We Own” is the voice that lingers over it, a smoky croon claiming ownership over heaven and earth. The first single from Vancouver’s Sundays is a mystic slice of electro-soul, sub-bass boom-clap and deep well atmospherics blending into a murky, watercolor landscape of a huge moon falling slowly to the earth. Information on Sundays is scant (heck, I’m having trouble coming up with much beyond the name), but we do know that  ”World We Own” comes from the debut EP Of Eros and I, due sometime this summer. -Adam Kivel

8. Joey Bada$$ – “Word is Bond”

joey badass

The hot streak continues for Brooklyn emcee Joey Bada$$, who just teased “Word is Bond”, the lead single from forthcoming mixtape Summer Knights (out June 12th). To a gorgeous piano sample, Joey raps raw and off-the-cuff, taking only a breath between stanzas. But with Bada$$, it’s always about diving back into the rhymes: “If things get reckless, best advice is to tuck your necklace and put your arms back inside your Lexus.” -Jon Hadusek

7. Röyksopp – “Daddy’s Groove”

 Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/31)

Norwegian electro-pop duo Röyksopp goes with a quality-over-quantity approach. They’ll drop an excellent LP and then go idle for a few years, sticking with 7″ singles and the occasional guest appearance. They’ve been relatively quiet since 2010’s Senior, but they’ve been tabbed to curate the latest iteration of the LateNightTales series. That task, thankfully, includes one original composition, “Daddy’s Groove”. A midtempo beat pulses alongside analogue synths and a vocoder that repeats the song’s title. The concise, 3-minute offering fades out sooner than it should, and we’re left wondering when/if a new Röyksopp album could be coming out. -Jon Hadusek

6. Lucki Eck$ – “Everything Out$ide”

Lucki Eck$

Young Chicago MC (an increasingly prominent phrase, of late) Lucki Eck$ considers his style “alternative trap,” even using that genre name for the title of his upcoming, heavily anticipated mixtape. The latest from that release is “Everything Out$ide”, a menacingly deep cut that features some of Lucki’s best lines to date: “I wanna play with that cash like it’s Clay Ali,” he flips, just a few lines before setting up an internal rhyme of John McCain and Luol Deng. But this one isn’t about the witty quips, but instead an instance that there can be “nothing over my squad.” Producer Hippie Dream buries the track in a long, dark tunnel, threatening shadows shifting in every direction. Alternative Trap doesn’t yet have an official release date, but each new track suggests that the 16-year-old has a big deal on his hands. -Adam Kivel

5. Fuck Buttons – “The Red Wing”

fuckbuttonsslowfocus Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/31)

It’s been four years since we last heard new music from Fuck Buttons (namely the massive sophomore LP Tarot Sport), but new single “The Red Wing” ends that drought nicely. The Bristol duo waste no time making their presence known, thanks to a mutating mass of electric buzz and entrancing percussive drone. Bubbles and squeaks worm their way through the mix, the twitchy wobbling acting the perfect counterpoint to the constant force of synth burn. And if you like these three minutes, an eight minute version of the track is slated for the duo’s upcoming LP, Slow Focus, due July 23rd via ATP Recordings. -Adam Kivel

4. Surfer Blood – “Gravity”

surferblood gravitycover Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/31)

Every song we’ve heard from Surfer Blood’s forthcoming Pythons (out June 11th via Warner Bros.) sounds totally different from the last. There was the bar-band romp “Weird Shapes”, the metallic “Slow Six”, and now the Superchunkian power-pop of “Gravity”. Surfer Blood employ a foolproof formula for catchiness: cute melodies, jangly arpeggios, and bubblegum lyrics. “I can fall in love with you again/ In love with you it’s all brand new,” John Paul Pitts calls out on one particularly direct line. Even the Beatles circa ’64 would’ve rolled their eyes at that couplet, but here it just sounds so right. -Jon Hadusek

3. Krill – “Purity of Heart”


Good news for lactose-intolerants! When we last checked in with Krill, the Boston outfit’s upcoming sophomore album was only available on a USB drive lodged in a ball of mozzarella (no, seriously), but it’ll now be available in more traditional (read “less tasty”) formats, namely vinyl and CD. Good news for anyone who likes music! Thanks to the blissfully jittery “Purity of Heart”, Krill are now two for two in terms of Lucky Leaves tracks making Top MP3s of the Week. Jonah Furman’s throat-cracking yelps and twitchy guitar remind of Carey Mercer, his howls about talking to grass laced through the eyelets of thudding bass and cymbal splash. Lucky Leaves is due June 24th, in both dairy and vegan-friendly options. -Adam Kivel

Krill – “Purity of Heart”

2. Disclosure feat. London Grammar – “Help Me Lose My Mind”

Disclosure Settle

Disclosure is a UK duo made up of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence. They’ve only released a few remixes and singles, but the hype surrounding their debut LP, Settle (out June 4th via Interscope), continues to build. The bittersweet ballad “Help Me Lose My Mind” exemplifies the Lawrence brothers’ style, which combines retro vibes (garage and 2-step) and the modern production aesthetics of hip-hop and R&B (a blend akin to Jessie Ware’s recent success). Here, the instrumentation (which receives some help from soulsters London Grammar) takes a backseat to the serene vocals of Guy Lawrence. “Could it be easier to start over?” he pleads, reaching a Prince-like falsetto. With tracks of this quality, Disclosure have a big future ahead of them. The song premiered earlier this week during Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio program — replay here by scrolling to the 30:00 mark. -Jon Hadusek

1. CHVRCHES – “Gun”

chvrches 2 hype sxsw2013 kaplan Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/31)

“You had better run from me,” Lauren Mayberry warns to open CHVRCHES’ new single, “Gun”, because she is “gonna come for you/ With all that I have.” But in that silken coo, it’s hard to take a single step away (and the glittery ’80s synth bed underneath isn’t doing much pushing away either). Don’t be mistaken, though, there are some sinister intentions in her lyrics, burning bridges, taking swings, and embodying the title weaponry in murderous intent. The supremely buzzed Scottish synth-poppers don’t seem to take a single day off, dropping this in the midst of studio time working on their debut LP. -Adam Kivel

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