Watch fan-made documentary on Kanye West


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    Happy G.O.O.D. Friday. As we all wait around pressing F5 in anticipation of Kanye West’s new single, a fan named James Workman has debuted a new 45-minute documentary on the reclusive rapper. It’s titled Where the Lonely Kids Go When the Bell Rings and offers a nice history lesson on Kanye, incorporating archival footage and past interviews.

    Here’s what Workman said of the project on Kanye To The:

    Mt first intention was to make like a 10 minute video with Kanye quotes and such, but I had so much material so I decided to make it a tad longer. The closest I could get to a real documentary. (We really need one in all honesty).

    My goal was to capture something from every solo album, and the video is basically chronological. Starting with CD and ending with MBDTF.


    I entitled it Where The Lonely Kids Go When The Bell Rings (I know that’s not the actual line in Eyes Closed), because I feel like that sums up Kanye’s career – The outsider. The misunderstood genius.

    This took me 5000 hours to make so please be kind…

    Watch it below.

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