Listen to “Morning Sickness”, new single from Omar Rodríguez-López’s Bosnian Rainbows



    As previously reported, Omar Rodríguez-López’s new project Bosnian Rainbows (also featuring Teri Gender Bender, Nicci Kasper, and Deantoni Parks) will release their self-titled, full-length debut on June 25th via Sargent House.

    With this latest endeavor, Rodríguez-López has moved away from the pounding post-rock he was known for with At the Drive-In and The Mars Volta, crafting “alternative pop” like the sensual “Torn Maps” and the dreamy “Turtle Neck”. With the album’s third single, “Morning Sickness”, Rodríguez-López and Co. expand that formula to dizzying heights.


    While Ms Gender Bender’s vocals sound as fragile and evocative as ever, the lads lay down this deliberate, hyper-inflated funk groove capped off by Rodríguez-López’s guitar that sounds like a mythical serpent weaving through a cloud bank. But even with the sweltering sex appeal cranked to 11, the track subtly reveals cracks of post-rock grime and intensity, paying slight homage to Rodríguez-López’s past while blazing a trail toward transcendent pop effervescence. Listen in below.

    Bosnian Rainbows Tracklist:
    01. Eli
    02. Worthless
    03. Dig Right In Me
    04. The Eye Fell In Love
    05. Cry For You
    06. Morning Sickness
    07. Torn Maps
    08. Turtle Neck
    09. Always On The Run
    10. Red
    11. Mother, Father, Set Us Free


    Also watch Bosnian Rainbows’ recent interview with Rock it Out! Blog:

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