Play the Joy Division video game, Will Love Tear Us Apart?


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Forget whatever the Xbox One has planned, the future of video games is now: European developer Mighty Box Games has designed a game inspired by the iconic Joy Division. We’ll wait a few minutes while you immediately cancel your Xbox Live memberships.

Will Love Tear Us Apart?, based off the band’s titular classic, is a “browser-game about relationships on the brink of breaking up,” following the song “in delivering a dark and frustrating perspective on love, (with) each verse in the song represented by a level in the game.”

Creator/writer Gordon Calleja wanted to “crea[te] interesting tensions in the design process, resulting in scenarios which deliver the desired thematic experience whilst going against what is conventionally considered good game design.” The developers added, “What guides this game is an ambition to frustrate, upset and sting the player into remembering the dark days preceding the death of a relationship.” Still, probably won’t be nearly as frustrating as the Turbo Tunnel level in Battle Toads.

In keeping with the wrist-slitting vibe, the game encourages players to “reflect on the darker side of love: miscommunication, emotional impasse and the sadness of separation. Solace may be found in the brief moment of lightness that comes over us when we come to terms with the reality of an irreconcilable relationship.” So, think Halo, except replace The Flood with your girlfriend and energy swords with feelings and conversation.

Check out the game trailer below, and then head here to start playing (/weeping and questioning the validity of love).

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