Top 10 MP3s of the Week (6/7)


    cassettes Top 10 MP3s of the Week (6/7)

    In less than 24 hours, one man came in and swept up all the fortune and glory. But really, who else stands taller than Trent Reznor?

    10. Big Black Cloud – “Cities of the Red Night”


    Big Black Cloud never sound comfortable on “Cities of the Red Night”, a chaotic slice of noise rock from the trio’s forthcoming Black Friday LP (out July 2nd via Eolian Empire). The aforementioned anxiety drives the song: chords, shouts, and breakdowns are triggered at disruptive intervals. It’s jarring, but that’s the point, as the band hurls raw feedback to back up the pessimistic world view outlined in the lyrics. -Jon Hadusek

    9. Hani Zahra – “Roll Roll Roll”

    hanizahra Top 10 MP3s of the Week (6/7)

    There’s an endearing homemade quality to Brooklyn five-piece Hani Zahra’s “Roll Roll Roll”, which opens with tape hiss and some MIDI keys. The beat bounces along joyfully, like the theme music to some ’70s children’s program, as vocalist/band namesake Zahra puts his Bowie-esque falsetto through goopy amounts of delay. His idiosyncratic brand of psychedelia on display here recalls the work of R. Stevie Moore as well as modern lo-fi popsmiths Ariel Pink and Foxygen. -Jon Hadusek

    8. Angel Haze – “No Bueno”

    angelhaze nobuenocover Top 10 MP3s of the Week (6/7)

    XXL Freshman Angel Haze is the kind of person who will not back down from any sort of confrontation (as evidenced by a particularly nasty spat and resulting traded dis tracks with Azealia Banks). That aggressive confidence continues on new single “No Bueno”, Haze’s venom directed at anyone who dares step to her: “This situation is below me/ I’m your fucking motivation bitch, you owe me.” The grand, dread-filled production features a keyboard set to doomed chorus, skittering percussion, and lumbering bass, all while she breathes fire over her so-called competition. “No Bueno” is the first cut from her upcoming major label debut, Dirty Gold, due later this year via Universal Republic. –Adam Kivel

    7. Hot Chip – “Dark and Stormy”


    Rather than take any time off after last year’s In Our Heads, London party-starters Hot Chip went back into the studio for new single “Dark and Stormy”. Though they’ve got plenty of other side projects on their plates, no one’s going to complain about new material from their main band, particularly when it’s this sultry. Lyrics about how “we made our own love” melt through the retro synth groove, just as fizzy and intoxicating as the cocktail it’s named after. “Dark and Stormy” will be released on July 22nd as a 10″ vinyl in the U.K. and July 23rd as a 12″ vinyl in the U.S.. -Adam Kivel

    6. Raekwon feat. Melanie Fiona – “Soundboy Kill It”

    raekwon soundboy kill it Top 10 MP3s of the Week (6/7)

    We’ve heard Raekwon rap about the bloody streets over brooding beats and gritty instrumentals, but it’s less often that we hear him in a softer light. “Soundboy Kill It”, the lead single from his forthcoming solo album F.I.L.A, is a more somber affair thanks to producer Jerry Wonda’s uplifting guitar samples and spry percussion. Canadian singer Melanie Fiona lays down an equally lovely chorus as we’re treated to another side of the Chef. Or so we think. Before it’s over, the Wu-Tang Clan emcee tosses in a firm reminder that he still ain’t nothing to fuck with: “I’m an all right villain/ Keep a pocket knife/ If I gotta brawl I’m willing.” -Jon Hadusek

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