Top MP3s of the Week (6/28)


    cassettes Top MP3s of the Week (6/28)

    Kele’s back, Twin Peaks director David Lynch continues to creep us out (and soothe our funny bones), and Willis Earl Beal troll’d us all with a new hilarious music video. FYI: Our first pick has hands down the best cover art of the year. #enjoy

    10. Glass Gang – “Waves”

    glass gang waves Top MP3s of the Week (6/28)

    Mysterious Brooklyn trio Glass Gang combine shoegaze atmospherics with clack-boom electronic percussion and rippling sub-bass on new track “Waves”. Icicle drips of guitar splatter down onto a wall of fuzz, gauzy vocals pitching over the clouds. Other than that picture above and a cryptic Tumblr full of black and white photos, the Gang are keeping info to a minimum. That said, the hazy, misty goodness on display on this one track is enough to keep your ear to the ground for future rumblings. -Adam Kivel

    9. White Dove – “Sister”

    white dove the hoss the candle

    Previously known as Monster, Los Angeles trio White Dove have changed its name and significantly improved the fidelity of their once lo-fi recordings. These new tracks have a placid sheen that better exhibits the warm voice of singer Alex Johnstone and the minimalistic instrumentation that accompanies her. On the brooding “Sister”, Johnstone injects her melancholy into a haunting melody; it gradually swells, finally reaching a serene climax during the song’s latter half. White Dove’s debut, The HossThe Candle, drops July 16th via RSRCH+DVLP. -Jon Hadusek

    8. Zola Jesus – “Avalanche (Slow)”

    zolajesus versions Top MP3s of the Week (6/28)

    Zola Jesus’ Nika Roza Danilova shrouded her stark, haunting melodies and poetic lyrics in gothy darkness, but new album Versions brushes off some of the cobwebs. A collaboration with JG Thirlwell (he of industrial composing, Foetus-fronting, and Venture Bros scoring), songs like “Avalanches (Slow)” take their original counterpart (this time from 2011’s Conatus) and pare them down to tender, string-backed beauties. Sure, there’s still some obvious cold (she repeats that it “all falls down” pretty insistently), but Thirlwell’s strings wrap around Danilova’s lush vocals like a fleece blanket, rather than the original’s chilling synths. Versions is due August 20th via Sacred Bones Records. -Adam Kivel

    7. Bloc Party – “Ratchet”

    bloc party nextwave sessions

    Bloc Party nabbed Hot Chip producer Dan Carey for new single “Ratchet”, and his influence can be heard in the track’s dance-inflected rhythms. The bass line and snares create a methodical bounce that’s accented by blurry guitars and the voice of frontman Kele Okereke. Although his lyrics remain vague and metaphoric, Okereke offers a bit of inspirational advice during the chorus: “Make it loud, make it proud, make it count.” This and four other tracks make up Bloc Party’s upcoming The Nextwave Sessions EP, due August 13th via Frenchkiss Records. -Jon Hadusek

    6.The Bug feat. Danny Brown and Kiki Hitomi – “Freakshow”

    The Bug Freakshow

    UK producer Kevin Martin, who records under the moniker The Bug, teamed with Danny Brown and Kiki Hitomi for his latest track, “Freakshow”. Wisely, Martin stays out of the way, laying down a wonky groove that gives Brown full reign to spit, writhe, and rhyme: “Ya’ll be blowing hocus poke/ I be blowing dopey dope/ Your flow be Pinocchio.” Brown’s hilariously nonsensical wordplay is interspersed with a dreamy chorus sung by Hitomi, who has collaborated with Martin in King Midas Sound. “Freakshow” will be included on The Bug’s Filthy EP (out August 12th via Ninja Tune). -Jon Hadusek

    5. David Lynch – “Star Dream Girl”

    davidlynch Top MP3s of the Week (6/28)

    “Crank up that radio. Let me tell y’all a story,” David Lynch begins on new single “Star Dream Girl”. And if anybody thought that the story the notoriously odd and eerie director/musician/coffee enthusiast would involve a stadium-ready, stomp-along beat and gritty blues guitar, stand up and claim your prize. The track tells the story of people coming from miles away to see the titular woman. In the press release, Lynch explains that the lyrics were inspired by Jerry Lee Lewis not showing up in Boise in the ’60s, and the music by surfers catching a wave. Even if you don’t connect those dots, the thrumming energy and smoky depth make this one perfect for a manic late night car ride. “Star Dream Girl” is one of three tracks sampled from his forthcoming sophomore solo effort, The Big Dream, due July 15th via Sunday Best (Europe) and July 16th via Sacred Bones (U.S.). -Adam Kivel

    4. Speedy Ortiz – “Plough”

    speedyortiz Top MP3s of the Week (6/28)

    Throwback indie rockers Speedy Ortiz are becoming regulars on this countdown. Every single from the forthcoming Major Arcana (out July 9th via Carpark Records) has been an infectious glimpse into the mind of frontwoman Sadie Dupuis, and “Plough” is no exception. Dupuis borrows some tropes from her favorite ‘90s artists (shrill vocalizations, oddball guitar lines), though her songwriting remains idiosyncratic and personal — especially her lyrics, which range from strange to downright bizarre. The band’s ability to toe the line between originality and anachronism is a rare talent. -Jon Hadusek

    3. Ellery James Roberts – “Kerou’s Lament”

    wulyf13pic Top MP3s of the Week (6/28)

    The unexpected, early demise of Wu Lyf seemed to negate the potential the Manchester outfit had quickly amassed, but the from-the-ashes rise of both Los Porcos and a solo project from vocalist Ellery James Roberts changes that. Ellory’s debut single, “Kerou’s Lament”, buzzes and flickers, samples of Clams Casino and Lil B overlapping with synths and feedback like tectonic plates. Ellory’s vocals blend Tom Waits’ grit and Bruce Springsteen’s ur-dramatic bravado, a clashing, clattering, cataclysmic anthem for perseverance at the end of the world. Roberts hasn’t lost any of that potential, this stand-alone single boding well for whatever music comes next. -Adam Kivel

    2. Willis Earl Beal – “Everything unwinds.”


    On his debut, Acousmatic Sorcery, Willis Earl Beal gave listeners an audio glimpse into his life, exposing blunt sentiments and raw emotions. There was no production — just a man, his voice, and his blues. For his follow up, Nobody knows. (out September 10th via XL), Beal has honed this lo-fi approach and even recruited Cat Power’s Chan Marshall, a master of the aesthetic, to help on some tracks. Lead single “Everything unwinds.” sees Beal crooning over simple acoustic guitar plucks and a dense reverb effect. “You’re the one that I need and the reason I wept”, he sings. “You lost me for a while/ You’re one that I kept.” It’s a truly remarkable vocal performance, one of sincere longing. -Jon Hadusek

    1. Howard Kremer – “Seagull & Shegull”

    Have Anothah Summah

    Comedian/rapper/podcaster/Jaws-enthusiast Howard Kremer is the spirit animal of summah. On last year’s Have A Summah, he befriended a seagull. After bravely struggling through all of the non-summah months, he and Charles are back on “Seagull & Shegull”, the first single from sequel album Have Anothah Summah. The “Who Charted?” co-host tells the story of Charles’ love affair with a shegull, vocals bouncing along slinky acoustic guitar and electronic percussion. But Kremer’s up for having a summah, and that means going for “sno-cones dipped in beer” with his pal. Hearing him change the narrative and chorus to the gleefully catchy “seagull and me, bro” is the kind of thing that will inspire you to pick out a summah gum, build your own summah shrine, don this year’s bathing suit, and lose your swimginity (for all you non-chartists, that means going swimming for the first time). Have Anothah Summah is available now on Bandcamp-Adam Kivel

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