Top MP3s of the Week (6/28)


    cassettes Top MP3s of the Week (6/28)

    Kele’s back, Twin Peaks director David Lynch continues to creep us out (and soothe our funny bones), and Willis Earl Beal troll’d us all with a new hilarious music video. FYI: Our first pick has hands down the best cover art of the year. #enjoy

    10. Glass Gang – “Waves”

    glass gang waves Top MP3s of the Week (6/28)

    Mysterious Brooklyn trio Glass Gang combine shoegaze atmospherics with clack-boom electronic percussion and rippling sub-bass on new track “Waves”. Icicle drips of guitar splatter down onto a wall of fuzz, gauzy vocals pitching over the clouds. Other than that picture above and a cryptic Tumblr full of black and white photos, the Gang are keeping info to a minimum. That said, the hazy, misty goodness on display on this one track is enough to keep your ear to the ground for future rumblings. -Adam Kivel

    9. White Dove – “Sister”

    white dove the hoss the candle

    Previously known as Monster, Los Angeles trio White Dove have changed its name and significantly improved the fidelity of their once lo-fi recordings. These new tracks have a placid sheen that better exhibits the warm voice of singer Alex Johnstone and the minimalistic instrumentation that accompanies her. On the brooding “Sister”, Johnstone injects her melancholy into a haunting melody; it gradually swells, finally reaching a serene climax during the song’s latter half. White Dove’s debut, The HossThe Candle, drops July 16th via RSRCH+DVLP. -Jon Hadusek

    8. Zola Jesus – “Avalanche (Slow)”

    zolajesus versions Top MP3s of the Week (6/28)

    Zola Jesus’ Nika Roza Danilova shrouded her stark, haunting melodies and poetic lyrics in gothy darkness, but new album Versions brushes off some of the cobwebs. A collaboration with JG Thirlwell (he of industrial composing, Foetus-fronting, and Venture Bros scoring), songs like “Avalanches (Slow)” take their original counterpart (this time from 2011’s Conatus) and pare them down to tender, string-backed beauties. Sure, there’s still some obvious cold (she repeats that it “all falls down” pretty insistently), but Thirlwell’s strings wrap around Danilova’s lush vocals like a fleece blanket, rather than the original’s chilling synths. Versions is due August 20th via Sacred Bones Records. -Adam Kivel

    7. Bloc Party – “Ratchet”

    bloc party nextwave sessions

    Bloc Party nabbed Hot Chip producer Dan Carey for new single “Ratchet”, and his influence can be heard in the track’s dance-inflected rhythms. The bass line and snares create a methodical bounce that’s accented by blurry guitars and the voice of frontman Kele Okereke. Although his lyrics remain vague and metaphoric, Okereke offers a bit of inspirational advice during the chorus: “Make it loud, make it proud, make it count.” This and four other tracks make up Bloc Party’s upcoming The Nextwave Sessions EP, due August 13th via Frenchkiss Records. -Jon Hadusek

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