Twenty Canceled Music Festivals: A Guide to the Dearly Departed


    tombstonemusicfestival Twenty Canceled Music Festivals: A Guide to the Dearly Departed

    Here at Consequence of Sound, we live for music festivals. Whether the event of choice is located in a favorite city or on a field in the middle of nowhere, even the act of getting there inspires an unbearable sensation of anticipation, comparable to Christmas mornings from childhood. Over the past decade, the festival climate has changed from a handful of events to nearly every major market having a musical destination to call its own.

    While the likes of Lollapalooza and Sasquatch! sold out in record time and Austin City Limits followed Coachella’s example and expanded to two identical weekends, not every fest has been a success story. The adage goes that it takes a few years for a music festival to turn a profit, and some never made it past those early days plagued by logistics and the occasional identity crisis, while others simply fell out of fashion. Here’s a look back at 20 festivals that are no longer with us.


    10,000 Lakes

    10l Twenty Canceled Music Festivals: A Guide to the Dearly Departed

    When: 2003-2009

    Where: Detroit Lakes, MN

    What: Four days of jamming on a scenic, lake-surrounded ranch

    Who: Wilco, Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic, Pretty Lights, The Flaming Lips

    Why: A weak economy coupled with a rise in competition rendered 10,000 Lakes financially unsustainable.


    Today: The festival is missed by its fans, but there are currently no signs of a return in the near future.

    All Points West

    apw2009 Twenty Canceled Music Festivals: A Guide to the Dearly Departed

    When: 2008-2009

    Where: Liberty State Park, NJ

    What: Coachella East

    Who: Radiohead (twice!), Jay-Z, Tool, My Bloody Valentine, Jack Johnson, Animal Collective, The Roots, St. Vincent

    Why: According to official word from AEG in regards to a possible 2010 edition, booking suitable headliners proved too difficult. The previous year endured so much rain that ticketholders could use their Friday pass to attend Saturday or Sunday for free. Very generous, but the organizers surely lost a fortune. Attendees were limited in the number of drinks they could purchase, which was a major buzzkill, man.


    Today: Naysayers claimed that New York did not need a festival since the city gets hundreds of must-see shows every year. However, there are music lovers outside the city that don’t have that luxury, and plenty of locals seeking that outdoor, multi-stage experience with a diverse offering of performers. Governors Ball Music Festival has risen to fill this void, making a return of All Points West even more unlikely.

    All Tomorrow’s Parties US

    atp nj 2012

    When: 2002-2004, 2008-2012

    Where: UCLA, Long Beach, Monticello, Asbury Park, NYC

    What: A wet dream for indie rock and noise snobs

    Who: Lou Reed, My Bloody Valentine, Modest Mouse, Portishead, Aphex Twin, Jeff Mangum, Cat Power, Frank Ocean, Sonic Youth, The Stooges

    Why: Expenses were high and ticket sales were low enough that ATP went into liquidation last year.


    Today: As of 2014, even ATP festivals in the UK are going to be of the I’ll Be Your Mirror stye and not in holiday camps. Plans for any events in the US are currently on hold as ATP explores other countries and waits for the market to improve.


    arthurfest Twenty Canceled Music Festivals: A Guide to the Dearly Departed

    When: 2005

    Where: Los Angeles, CA

    What: Intimate festival with a lineup carefully curated by Arthur Magazine to focus more on cult acts than buzz bands

    Who: Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, The Black Keys, Yoko Ono, Cat Power, Merzbow, Marissa Nadler, Olivia Tremor Control


    Why: The event reportedly sold out, so it’s a mystery.

    Today: FYF Fest has exploded in popularity and size, so Los Angeles could still use a smaller affair loaded with experimental, esoteric acts.

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