The Top 10 Songs About Jesus (by Christian Artists)


    failedjesus The Top 10 Songs About Jesus (by Christian Artists)

    Jesus isn’t the problem with Christian music. Nor is the openness of devout artists. Nor is the occasional mid-concert worship service, when heavenly tongues bombard your ears and every hand in sight reaches for the rafters. (Okay, maybe that’s part of it.)

    The problem is that most Christian music is really, really bad.

    Where various world religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism—satiate the spirit with hypnotic atmospherics, ritualistic chanting, and impassioned dancing, popular Christian worship tends to rely on self-aware histrionics and vacuous lyrics. Oh, and hair. Lots of hair.

    As a lapsed born-again Christian, I carry an abiding respect and affection for music that earnestly tries to channel the spiritual. That’s why I collected 10 sincere songs about the Christian savior that don’t make me want to puncture my ears with a rusty crucifix. These songs prove that an artist’s religious faith—even when put on display—doesn’t need to alienate secular listeners, especially those willing to discern the universal from the devotional.


    Daniel Johnston – “Careless Soul”

    Satan, not Christ, was always Daniel Johnston’s true obsession. Songs like “Devil Town”, “Don’t Play Cards with Satan”, and “Held the Hand” showcase the troubled singer’s clear mistrust for red devils, a fixation likely brought on by his aggressive religious upbringing. But in 1988, a show at New York City’s Pier Platters found a warbling Johnston rattling off prophetic perplexities (“Number 7 is Jesus Christ”) before launching into an a capella version of “Prepare to Meet Thy God”—credited on 1990 as “Careless Soul”. Johnston’s cracking voice overwhelms with unbridled emotion as he warns listeners to repent, as death could come at any moment. His heartrending reaction to the hymn is understandable, especially when considering the singer was on the verge of a life-threatening mental breakdown that would have him institutionalized. “Careless Soul” is not an easy listen—you can almost hear the audience’s eyes gluing themselves to the floor—but it’s that rare, uncomfortable performance that slowly, achingly transforms music into a cry for help.

    Relient K – “For Moments I Feel Faint”


    Relient K’s sophomore effort, The Anatomy of Tongue and Cheek, found Christianity’s answer to Blink 182 in transition. Goofy tracks like “I’m Lion-O” and “May the Horse Be with You” hearkened back to the band’s rascally debut LP, while mature songs like “Failure to Excommunicate” hinted at the darker, more nuanced direction they’d take on 2004’s Mmhmm. No song, though, stands out more than “For Moments I Feel Faint”, a gentle ballad that finds singer Matt Thiessen asking listeners to “never underestimate my Jesus.” With its crisp acoustic strums and sweeping stings, the song sticks out like a sore thumb on a record of mildly distorted power chords. In a worship setting, however, the lyrics serve as an inspirational reminder of how hope and trust are integral to human survival. The song has since become a staple at Christian churches worldwide, providing parishioners respite from that “Mercy Me” song people just have to be sick of by now.

    Kanye West – “Jesus Walks”

    In this age of Yeezus, it’s hard to believe Kanye West piqued the ears of America by rhyming about his need for Christ. In a way, though, it falls directly in line with the rapper’s history of attention grabs. “But if I talk about God my record won’t get played, huh?” he spits after lamenting the state of rap lyrics, most likely while stomping on the floor and refusing his lunchtime Cheerios. But hey, not only did it help propel ‘Ye to stardom, it feels, well, sincere. When he sings, “I want to talk to God but I’m afraid because we ain’t spoke in so long,” he’s culled sympathetic nods from every lapsed Christian in hearing distance. It also doesn’t hurt that the song is catchy as hell, a fine showcase for Yeezy’s ability to unleash rhymes with the grace and fluidity of a velvet-tongued orator. Looking forward to its inevitable sequel, “Yeezus Struts”.

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