Benefit album for stem cell research features Thee Oh Sees, Dr. Dog members, and more


    Coming Together For A Cure Cover Art

    At the age of three, Ryan Benton was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He was given a life expectancy in his early twenties at best, though at the time research on a cure was promising. In 2008, that cure came in the form of adult stem cell therapy. Today, Ryan is 27 years old, and he can sit up in his bed on his own.

    The catch is that in order to receive the treatments, Ryan has to travel to Costa Rica or Panama; stem cell therapy is currently banned in the United States. In 2011, Ryan teamed with Air House Records for the Coming Together for a Cure compilation to help fund stem cell research and treatment in the U.S., and now they’re back with a second round.

    Coming Together for a Cure, Vol 2 features previously unreleased material from Thee Oh Sees, Elf Power, Cave Singers, Golden Boot (members of Dr. Dog), Springs (also members of Dr. Dog), Ryan’s own band Sunshine Dreamers, and more. All proceeds will go to benefit stem cell research and treatments.


    The comp is due out October 29th, and you can see the tracklist below. Underneath that, watch a short documentary about one of Ryan’s trips to Panama to receive his therapy, and how the treatments have changed his family’s lives.

    Coming Together For A Cure, Vol. 2 Tracklist:
    01. Miracle Days – “Miracle Days” *
    02. Springs – “Waste My Time” *
    03. Thee Oh Sees – “The Factory Reacts”*
    04. The Wonder Revolution – “Cloud Wonder Sky” *
    05. Music Wrong – “Clyde” *
    06. Student Film – “Facts and Values”
    07. Shine Brothers – “So Many People”
    08. Elf Power – “1494” *
    09. Cave Singers – “Ohio Nights” *
    10. Golden Boots – “Be My Champ” *
    11. Gentle Ghost – “Oblivion Tide”
    12. Sleeping in the Aviary – “Long Gone”*
    13. Sunshine Dreamers – “Empty Nest” *
    14. Bellafonte – “Sea of Trees” *
    15. Beau Jennings & the Tigers – “Sweet Action”

    * = previously unreleased