The ‘N Sync reunion is officially over.


Screen Shot 2013 08 26 at 7.32.11 AM 1024x654 The N Sync reunion is officially over.

It was fun for the 120 seconds that it lasted, but as anticipated, ‘N Sync’s reunion is already over. As Lance Bass explained to the Associated Press, the pop group has “nothing planned,” due in large part to Justin Timberlake’s upcoming solo tour.

“Who knows what will happen when he’s off tour. It’s simply not part of the conversation right now. We just focused on that one performance,” Bass said. “If we did anything like that, I think we would come up with something real special where we could actually call it `The Reunion.'”

Another interesting anecdote from Bass’ conversation with the AP: In order to maintain the element of surprise, the four ‘N Sync members not named Justin Timberlake were disguised as stagehands and even helped set up the stage prior to Timberlake’s performance at the VMAs.

“We had to perform in the middle of the arena, so there was no way of getting us out there without being seen. So they dressed us in big ole hoodies to pretend we were the stagehands. So we would push out the stage and do all the stagehand stuff until we got to the area and hid out beneath a staircase,” Bass said. “That was my favorite part.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Ryan Seacret (via Perez Hilton), JC Chasez credited Timberlake as the mastermind behind the group’s reunion: “Justin gave me a buzz and he said, ‘Hey man, listen. I’m getting this award and they have given me a pile of time to perform and we started our careers at MTV and I think we should get the band back together.’ … It really was about him and all that he’s accomplished, but he wanted to acknowledge that part of his career so we all decided to do it.”

Replay video of ‘N Sync’s reunion below.

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