BBC Radio 1 boss says Green Day and Muse’s music isn’t good enough to be played on-air


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BBC Radio 1 has proven to be one of the last bastions of hope for quality music on the radio. Between his numerous premieres and recent interviews with Kanye West and Jay Z, we must mention Zane Lowe’s name about 20 times every week on CoS, but he’s just one of station’s many high-quality DJs who play high-quality music, often times of the indie variety, around the clock. At the time of this writing, here were the last five songs aired on BBC Radio 1: Arctic Monkeys’ “Do I Wanna Know?”, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”, Jay Z’s “Holy Grail”, London Grammar’s “Strong”, and DJ Fresh’s “Earthquake”. Consequently, BBC Radio 1 head George Ergatoudis is rather selective of what gets played on air and what doesn’t. Among the acts who fall into the latter category? Green Day and Muse.

As Alternative Nation points out, Ergatoudis spoke about both bands’ presence (or, lack there of) on BBC Radio 1 in a recent interview with Music Week.

In regards to Green Day: “The last Green Day project simply wasn’t good enough.”

In regards to Muse: “Muse are approaching a crossroads – their last single was the first one not playlisted by Radio 1 in a decade. The door remains open to them but we’ll have to think carefully about their next album.”

muse BBC Radio 1 boss says Green Day and Muses music isnt good enough to be played on air

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