Build the Atoms for Peace jigsaw puzzle, for only $105.00


atoms for peace jigsaw

Stanley Donwood’s artwork has been associated with Atoms for Peace’s music ever since the press cycle for Amok began. His wavy, black-and-white depictions of a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles has taken over the band’s website and even an L.A. office building. Now, it wants to swallow your living room coffee table in the form of a 192-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Yes, Thom Yorke and Co. are now selling the “Lost Angeles Jigsaw” on their website. As per the website’s description, the 192 laser-cut wooden pieces come “in a box” and go for a completely reasonable $105 U.S. dollars (or 66 British pounds). This is laser-cut wood, people. The website quite accurately describes the puzzle as “possibly the most expensive time wasting device you will see all year.” [sic] “Assuming it doesn’t drive you insane” in the processes (and with all those similar looking monochromatic lines, it very well could), the complete puzzle is 360mm by 250mm, or about 14.17 inches by 9.84.

So if you’ve got a few hours and a hundred bucks to spare, head to the Atoms for Peace web-store now and place your orders. Otherwise, TV ads tell me it’s apparently already time to start planning for Holiday shopping, so feel free to put this down as the first item on your list.

 hollywood doom Build the Atoms for Peace jigsaw puzzle, for only $105.00

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