Mark Lanegan, Warpaint, and Martina Topley-Bird cover The xx’s “Crystalised”


    lanegan topley Mark Lanegan, Warpaint, and Martina Topley Bird cover The xxs Crystalised

    Have you heard this one? Mark Lanegan, Warpaint, and Martina Topley-Bird walk into a bar. The bartender asks them what their favorite song is by The xx. They respond with a cover of “c”, turning the xx classic into a trip-hop love letter dipped in whiskey and dried by the moonlight.

    The powerhouse of a cover is the latest release by No.19 Music, under the Art Department Presents banner, which will also include a number of remixes. To further bring it to life, director Javier Badet and Los Angeles’ 1/60 Studio pieced together a fitting animated video highlighting the duet between Lanegan and Topley-Bird. Watch it below.

    In related news, Consequence of Sound recently caught The xx’s sold out performance at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. Full review and photo gallery here.


    Crystalised Tracklist:
    01. Crystalised
    02. Crystalised [Directors Cut Signature Mix]
    03. Crystalised [Directors Cut Unmarked Dub]
    04. Crystalised [Agoria Remix]
    05. Crystalised [Deniz Kurtel Remix]
    06. Crystalised [Tone of Arc Remix]

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