R Kelly’s grocery list includes three kinds of sorbet, Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets


    rkellyshoppinglist R Kellys grocery list includes three kinds of sorbet, Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets

    One might assume that R. Kelly’s fridge is filled with $500 champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, whip cream, and several gallons of Gatorade. Then, one might assume wrong. Thanks to a handwritten grocery list (what is this, 1997?) uncovered by Vulture, we can see that Kels’ fridge is just like yours and mine. Which is to say, it’s full of items brimming with high fructose corn syrup.

    Among the tastier selections:

    — Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. For true ballers only.

    — “Go Gurts,” no doubt for mid-coitus refueling.

    — Three bananas, because who has time to eat more than three before they go bad?

    — Uncut Romaine lettuce, because he’s a grown ass man.

    Two kinds of cookie dough, no doubt for the sadness spiral that will be next week’s Breaking Bad finale.

    See how Kelly builds up enough of an appetite for pints of mango, lemon, and raspberry sorbet when you check out his latest Black Panties single, “Sex Genius”.


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