Danny Brown, Tyler the Creator, and Flying Lotus voice characters in Grand Theft Auto V


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Next time you’re cruising around San Andreas, be on the lookout for Danny Brown, Tyler, the Creator, and Flying Lotus. All three musicians voice characters in Grand Theft Auto V (Tyler and FlyLo also contributed original music).

Someone on Reddit managed to grab of video Danny’s character in action. He’s the lifeguard at Pleasure Pier, and though he’s without his trademark afro and doesn’t say “bruh bruh,” he does throw a nasty left hook.

Brown explained his presence in the game and his ambition to be a voice actor in a new interview with Rolling Stone:

I make money off shows. [Others] make money from selling music and things, but I make money from way cooler places. I’m getting into voiceovers and shit. I did Grand Theft Auto V – I’m actually one of the lifeguards. If you go on the beach, there’s mad lifeguards, and if you fuck with one of them, it’s me, and I try to beat you up. I just did Fox’s Animation Domination TV show. If I could make money from voiceovers, then I could just do whatever music I want. I think I have a cool-enough voice to do that type of shit. I don’t know if Pixar will hire a guy who writes about eating pussy all the time, though. Maybe I need to tone it down a little bit.

As for Tyler, he Instagramed a photo of his character, who he described as a “random guy” in the game. According to Flying Lotus, he “voiced the guy who gets knocked out in rampage 3.” Check out photos of both their characters below.

Tyler, the Creator:

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Flying Lotus:

flying lotus gta

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