Update: Death Grips aren’t making a movie with Robbert Pattinson and Colin Hanks



    Despite their latest round of tour cancellations, things are actually happening in Camp Death Grips. Today, the band released a brief-yet-news-filled open letter, offering additional details on the band’s new record label Thirdworlds, Zach Hill’s previously announced short film, and vocalist Stefan Burnett’s upcoming art books (via Pigeons & Planes).

    Update: Pitchfork is reporting that the band told them the letter is a fake, and that they don’t know who wrote it. Then again, this is Death Grips we’re talking about, so who knows which part of this is the real truth.

    Update #2: Hanks tells Consequence of Sound that news of him making a movie with Death Grips is untrue. So it definitely looks like we can chalk this one up as a hoax. Sorry, folks.

    Explaining their decision to enter into a new label partnership with Harvest/Capitol (especially after the debacle that was their relationship with Epic), the band writes, “On here, we anticipate our creative endeavours being achieved with unaltered possibilities.” [sic] They go on to add that Thirdworlds will be putting out works besides music, including a limited number of hardcover books featuring Burnett’s visual art. As previously reported, the band also plans to put out a new studio album next year.

    As for Hill’s short film, it’s titled Misoneism and stars Robbert Pattinson and Colin Hanks. The plot centers around a man forced in Brazil’s underground prostitution scene, and features a soundtrack comprised of new Death Grips originals; in fact, we’ve already heard the first song from the OST: “Birds”. The film is set for limited release next Spring.

    According to the band, the letter was sent “exclusively 10 smaller websites to accentuate the minimal approach we are going to approach the promotion of Misoneism.” Read it in full below.

    This is a message from DEATH GRIPS.

    We have recently founded a record label, created via a very unique relationship with Harvest/Capitol, to be distributed by Caroline. On here, we anticipate our creative endeavours being achieved with unaltered possibilities. Not only does it function as a medium to distribute any upcoming music we create, but it will also be used as a platform to showcase other forms of art. Stefan Burnett, our vocalist, will soon be releasing a very limited number of hardback books for his visual artwork, with the help of PictureBox. Not only that, but Zach Hill is currently wrapping up a short film he directed with an OST by DEATH GRIPS. The film is entitled Misoneism, is shot entirely in monochrome film, and follows the exploits of a young man forced into the underground prostitution business in Brazil. Starring Robert Pattinson and Colin Hanks, the film hopes to shed light on the matter in a shocking and abrasive way. The film is slated for a Spring 2014 release with a one time only screening at Sacramento’s historic Guild Theater. Further details on Misoneism will be released in the coming weeks through our Tumblr (now wiped clean and specifically dedicated to Misoneism.) A 2 minute trailer is to be released on the aforementioned link very soon.

    Birds, released on 21st of August, can now be officially announced as a cut from Misoneism’s OST. The track was received extremely well.

    This message has been sent to exclusively 10 smaller websites to accentuate the minimal approach we are going to approach the promotion of Misoneism. The film was conceived with the ethos of Sacramento’s 70′s independent films, most of which were fairly low budget and gained, at best, modest popularity. In a sense, the promotion is a social experiment. We purposefully employed very high profile actors to star in an experimental, avant-garde film, promoted only on smaller indie music websites and publications for reasons that we will reveal in the upcoming press kit.

    m0re to come.