The Jesus and Mary Chain’s 30th anniversary celebrated with vinyl box set


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    The Jesus and Mary Chain first got together in East Kilbride, Scotland in 1983, making this year their 30 anniversary. Demon Music Group is celebrating the occasion with the December 13th release of a vinyl box set comprising the band’s entire discography.

    The Complete Vinyl Collection will feature all six of JMC’s studio albums (1985’s Psychocandy, 1987’s Darklands, 1989’s Automatic, 1992’s Honey’s Dead, 1994’s Stoned & Dethroned, and 1998’s Munki), each remastered from the original tapes at half-speed. Also included: the first vinyl pressing of the band’s 2003 BBC live compilation, a two-LP collection of “all” the band’s BBC studio recordings “housed together on vinyl for the first time,” and a B-sides and rarities LP with a fan-picked tracklist. A 32-page hardcover book with photographs and interviews rounds out the collection. Fans will also be able to upload a photo of their face for possible inclusion on a poster.

    Pe-order are now ongoing through Myplaydirect. As of now, the package doesn’t appear to be available in the US, so hopefully you have a friend abroad.


    Watch a promotional video for the release below.

    LP 1: Psychocandy (1985):
    A1 Just Like Honey 3:00
    A2 The Living End 2:14
    A3 Taste The Floor 2:54
    A4 The Hardest Walk 2:36
    A5 Cut Dead 2:45
    A6 In A Hole 3:01
    A7 Taste Of Cindy 1:39
    B1 Never Understand 2:58
    B2 Inside Me 3:08
    B3 Sowing Seeds 2:47
    B4 My Little Underground 2:30
    B5 You Trip Me Up 2:22
    B6 Something’s Wrong 4:00
    B7 It’s So Hard 2:35

    LP 2: Darklands (1987):
    A1 Darklands 5:29
    A2 Deep One Perfect Morning 2:43
    A3 Happy When It Rains 3:36
    A4 Down On Me 2:36
    A5 Nine Million Rainy Days 4:29
    B1 April Skies 4:00
    B2 Fall 2:28
    B3 Cherry Came Too 3:06
    B4 On The Wall 5:05
    B5 About You 2:31


    LP 3 – Automatic (1989):
    A1 Here Comes Alice 3:52
    A2 Coast To Coast 4:13
    A3 Blues From A Gun 4:44
    A4 Between Planets 3:27
    A5 UV Ray 4:04
    B1 Her Way Of Praying 3:46
    B2 Head On 4:11
    B3 Take It 4:34
    B4 Half Way To Crazy 3:41
    B5 Gimme Hell 3:18

    LP 4 Honey’s Dead (1992):
    A1 Reverence 3:39
    A2 Teenage Lust 3:05
    A3 Far Gone And Out 2:49
    A4 Almost Gold 3:16
    A5 Sugar Ray 4:37
    A6 Tumbledown 4:10
    B1 Catchfire 4:45
    B2 Good For My Soul 2:59
    B3 Rollercoaster 3:44
    B4 I Can’t Get Enough 2:56
    B5 Sundown 4:57
    B6 Frequency 1:19

    LP 5 Stoned & Dethroned (1994):
    A1 Dirty Water 3:05
    A2 Bullet Lovers 3:37
    A3 Sometimes Always 2:32
    A4 Come On 2:12
    A5 Between Us 2:37
    A6 Hole 2:13
    A7 Never Saw It Coming 3:32
    A8 She 3:06
    B1 Wish I Could 2:40
    B2 Save Me 2:41
    B3 Till It Shines 3:15
    B4 God Help Me  2:45
    B5 Girlfriend 3:15
    B6 Everybody I Know 2:12
    B7 You’ve Been A Friend 3:34
    B8 These Days 2:14
    B9 Feeling Lucky 2:15


    LP 6/7 Munki (1998):
    A1 I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll
    A2 Birthday
    A3 Stardust Remedy
    A4 Fizzy B1 Moe Tucker
    B2 Perfume
    B3 Virtually Unreal
    B4 Degenerate
    C1 Cracking Up
    C2 Commercial
    C3 Super Tramp
    C4 Never Understood
    D1 I Can’t Find The Time For Times
    D2 Man On The Moon
    D3 Black
    D4 Dream Lover
    D5 I Hate Rock ‘N’ Roll

    LP 8/9 The BBC Sessions (Bespoke):
    A1 In A Hole 2:42
    A2 You Trip Me Up 2:07
    A3 Never Understand 3:08
    A4 Taste The Floor 3:07

    Tracks A1 to A4 recorded 23/10/1984

    A5 The Living End 2:14
    A6 Inside Me 3:00
    A7 Just Like Honey 2:48

    Tracks A5 to A7 recorded 03/02/1985

    B1 Some Candy Talking 3:12
    B2 Psycho Candy 2:00
    B3 You Trip Me Up 2:41
    B4 Cut Dead 2:46

    Tracks B1 to B4 recorded 29/10/1985

    B5 Darklands
    B6 Down On Me
    B7 Deep One Perfect Morning

    Tracks B5 to B7 recorded 23/11/1986

    C1 Fall 3:11
    C2 In The Rain 2:27
    C3 Happy Place 2:21

    Tracks C1 to C3 recorded 25/11/1986

    C4 Sidewalking 4:22
    C5 Coast To Coast 3:19
    C6 Take It 3:06
    C7 My Girl 3:05

    Tracks C4 to C7 recorded 31/05/1988

    C8 Far Gone And Out 3:03
    C9 Silverblade 3:11
    C10 Here Comes Alice 2:47

    Tracks C8 to C10 recorded 26/11/1989

    D1 Come On
    D2 God Help Me (William Vocal)
    D3 Everybody I Know
    D4 The Perfect Crime

    Tracks D1 to D4 recorded 06/07/1994

    D5 Reverence 4:40
    D6 I Love Rock’n’Roll 2:45
    D7 Degenerate 5:30
    D8 Mo Tucker 3:06

    Tracks D5 to D8 recorded 04/1998

    LP 10 Live In Concert (First Time On LP):
    A1 Catch Fire 4:36
    A2 Blues From A Gun 4:20
    A3 Head On 4:02
    A4 Reverence 4:55
    A5 Far Gone And Out 2:48
    A6 Halfway To Crazy 3:09
    A7 Sidewalking 8:02
    B1 Reverence 5:19
    B2 Snakedriver 3:49
    B3 Come On 2:48
    B4 Happy When It Rains 3:22
    B5 Teenage Lust 3:39
    B6 The Perfect Crime 1:38
    B7 Everybody I Know 2:10
    B8 Girlfriend 3:13
    B9 Hole 2:05
    B10 Head On 4:14
    B11 Sugar Ray 4:38
    B12  I Hate Rock ‘N’ Roll 3:43
    Tracks A1-A7 recorded 28th March, 1992 at Sheffield Arena
    Tracks B1-B12 recorded 19th April 1995 at Trinity, Bristol


    LP 11 Fan Selected Bsides & Rarities LP:
    To Be Confirmed from Facebook Fan Competition

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