David Gilmour is recording a new solo album


gilmour2013 1024x768 David Gilmour is recording a new solo album

Bon appétit, Pink Floyd fans. Last week, we reported that Roger Waters was working on his first solo album in 21 years, and now former bandmate David Gilmour has plans to follow suit.

The news comes straight from Graham Nash, who told vintage.tv program Needle Time, that he’ll soon head overseas with fellow CSNY partner David Crosby to join Gilmour in the studio. Even better, they’re doing it for free.

“What the hell would it cost you to have David Crosby and Graham Nash getting on a bloody train to Brighton to sing with you?” Nash regaled. “We’re musicians. We love good songs. We’ll sing them until we are dead.”

This isn’t the first time the three have collaborated together. Both Nash and Crosby appeared on the title track to Gilmour’s last effort, 2006’s On an Island, and also tagged along on select dates for its supporting tour. Later, Nash and Gilmour contributed work to The Orb’s 2010 album, Metallic Spheres.

Revisit “On an Island” below.

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