Listen: Death Vessel and Jónsi’s beautiful new song, “Isla Drown”



    Last we heard from Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi, he was busy issuing a clubby remix of experimental collective and fellow Icelanders Múm. Now, he’s returned to more introspective, tranquil pastures, joining Rhode Island folk band Death Vessel on their latest track, “Isla Drown”. It’s an elegant and haunting piece of work, and one that proves that, even without the swelling sounds of Kveikur or Go, Jónsi’s vocals alone can still chill you to your bone. Listen in below.

    “Isla Drown” is off Death Vessel’s forthcoming album, Island Intervals, due out on February 25th via Sub Pop.


    Island Intervals Tracklist:
    01. Ejecta
    02. Velvet Antlers
    03. Triangulated Heart
    04. Mercury Dime
    05. Ilsa Drown
    06. Island Vapors
    07. We Agreed
    08. Loom

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