Listen to Dornik’s silky new single, “Rebound”


Dornik - Rebound

Rising R&B talent Dornik is one of the latest to join the illustrious PMR Records roster (Disclosure, Jessie Ware). When he’s not busy globetrotting as Ware’s drummer, he’s dropping suave and soulful pleasers, his velvety croon and ’80s-leanings reminiscent of Frank Ocean and Michael Jackson, respectively. We heard this on his excellent debut single, June’s “Something About You”; now, Dornik returns with “Rebound”, a decidedly more upbeat track, its kick and contagious swagger a definite nod to the King of Pop’s more snazzy dance floor numbers. Listen in below.

“Rebound” is off Dornik’s forthcoming full-length, due out sometime next year.

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