Listen: Total Slacker’s fearsome new track, “Keep The Ships At Bay”



    Brooklyn garage-rockers Total Slacker try to stave off danger in “Keep The Ships At Bay”, the latest track off their forthcoming sophomore record, Slip Away. Trading the lines, “If you can make it through the night, it’ll be all right” and “If you can make it through the day, keep the ships at bay”, they sound both half-assured and half-frightened, their voices muzzled by a wall of distorted noise. Even if the band manages to escape, this screechy and serrated panic attack of a number is likely to leave a mark. Listen in below (via Rolling Stone):

    Slip Away is due out February 11th via Black Bell Records.

    Slip Away Tracklist:
    01. Satisfied
    02. Who Killed Kennedy
    03. Touch Yrself
    04. Would If I Could
    05. Out of Body Experience
    06. Fight the Babysitter Boyfriend
    07. Keep The Ships At Bay
    08. See Right Through
    09. Super Big Gulp
    10. Thighmaster
    11. Sometimes You Gotta Die


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