Top Concert Photos of 2013



    Each year, Consequence of Sound hits up more festivals, more concerts, and more events. Almost every other night, our trusty photographers scatter across the globe to capture moments you can experience from the comfort of your own home. It’s an unenviable task that’s sometimes dangerous, almost always tedious, and the death of your mind, body, and soul. Ever haul four bags of groceries and think, Almost there, almost there, almost there? Try doing that for a whole weekend, surrounded by ultra hyper festivalgoers, and underneath a barrage of rain. The word “hell” comes to mind.

    Because we reap so many benefits from their hellish endeavors, we feel it’s our duty to return the favor and pay homage to all their best work. Over the next few pages, you’ll find a couple of things. For one, 175 photos from over a dozen of our greatest photographers. What’s more, we’ve also gone ahead and named our Photographer of the Year, a first for our Annual Report and something we’ll continue for years ahead. So, throw on a pair of headphones and revisit 2013 in the most stylish way we can offer. If you’re a fan, hit up their provided social networks and follow their ensuing adventures.

    On a related note, we’d like to take this opportunity to remember Andrew Youssef. On Monday night, the renowned Los Angeles photographer lost his fight with colon cancer at the age of 38. Although Consequence of Sound never had the opportunity to work with Youssef, we’ve long been fans of his portfolio and were deeply saddened by the news. Please revisit his epic work and, if possible, donate to a PayPal account he set up for his family prior to his death.


    Photographer of the Year: Ben Kaye

    Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 11.22.50 PMHe’s already the coolest teacher in the New York area, and now he’s this year’s top photographer. By day, Ben Kaye teaches English as a Second Language to 16-60 year olds at the ELS Language Center on Adelphia University’s Manhattan campus. By night, he’s Assistant News Editor for Consequence of Sound. During the short free time he does have, however, he finds himself at nightclubs, or arenas, or festivals, snapping shots for his own written coverage. He’s like Peter Parker, only with less spandex.

    Reliable, dedicated, and resilient, Ben makes this stuff look easy, capturing each moment with the emotionality and depth we typically find in person. Performers look natural yet the surroundings feel vivid and that’s exactly what I look for when it comes to pairing visuals with editorial. While choosing his best photos, I found myself amused and also frustrated, knowing damn well I’d be leaving some goodies behind. I can’t wait to see where he goes in 2014 and what he turns up.

    His favorite moment of 2013: “As challenging as Bonnaroo is to shoot (or attend, really), it’s also the coolest place on earth and always rewarding. This year I fist-bumped Officer Dangle at “Weird Al”; danced with McLovin during Jim James when the guards neglected to kick me out after the usual “first three songs” and I got to watch the entire set from the photo pit; and, perhaps most memorably, handed Action Bronson a joint. Some fan tossed the J on stage, but it got trapped under a speaker right in front of me. Bronson was fishing around for it, so I just reached up, pulled it out, and handed it to him. He sparked it up, and I snapped this picture. Afterwards, he mugged straight at me at the “pose for the cameras” line during “Steve Wynn”, but this shot is way more Bronsino.”



    Action Bronson

    ASAP Rocky

    Deer Tick

    Diarrhea Planet


    James Murphy

    Image (1) James-Murphy-2.jpg for post 372813

    Amanda Palmer

    Image (2) Amanda-Palmer-GTO-17.jpg for post 373937

    Passion Pit





    “Weird Al” Yankovic