Death Grips release stems and a capella tracks for NO LOVE DEEP WEB and Government Plates


Photo by Ted Maider

By now, rap-punk outfit Death Grips break rules and buck norms so often, the non-traditional approach is practically expected of them. It started with the self-leak of 2012’s NO LOVE DEEP WEBgrew into that bizarre series of purposefully-canceled shows, and then, back in November, Government Plates arrived from practically nowhere.

Now, in the latest chapter of Death Grips-release-things-for-free, the group has released the stems and a capella tracks for NO LOVE DEEP WEB and Government Plates via their brand new Twitter account. So, whether you want to chop and screw “Whammy”, spin “Lil Boy” in a disco anthem, or make “Two Heavens” your ringtone, the choice is entirely yours. Download everything here and here.

Maybe we’ll get even more stems when the outfit releases whatever album they’re currently at-work upon?

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