Listen: SKATERS’ new song, “Miss Teen Massachusetts”


    skaters2013 Listen: SKATERS new song, Miss Teen Massachusetts

    New York rockers SKATERS are clearly proud of their hometown, even naming their debut LP MANHATTAN. But just because they bleed for the Empire State, doesn’t mean their heart can’t also beat for the Bay State. In their new single “Miss Teen Massachusetts”, singer Michael Ian Cummings bemoans a girl who couldn’t return his affection, crying out “I guess I’ll never change your mind / but at least you know I tried.” It’s a tale as old as time, really. In fact, with the punchy drums and swinging guitar riffs, it feels like a punked-up version of a ’50s unrequited love song. Check it out below.

    SKATERS’s MANHATTAN is due out February 25th via Warner Bros. We’ve already heard “Deadbolt”, and you can find the full tracklist below.

    MANHATTAN Tracklist:
    01. One of Us
    02. Miss Teen Massachusetts
    03. Deadbolt
    04. Band Breaker
    05. To Be Young In NYC
    06. Schemers
    07. Symptomatic
    08. Fear of the Knife
    09. I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How)
    10. Nice Hat
    11. This Much I Care
    12. Played Out

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