The Not-So-Great History of NFL Players Turned Musicians


The NFL has never lacked a good soundtrack: from massive Super Bowl halftime shows to Hank Williams Jr.’s iconic Monday Night Football anthem, music has always had a prominent place on the gridiron. Where it gets tricky, however, is when the guys who scramble for the ball also think they can hold a tune. Here’s the not-so-great history of NFL players who’ve tried their hand at music.

Kyle Turley

Death, Drugs, and DoubleCross

kyle turley

Who: Offensive lineman Kyle Turley, formerly of the New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Wait, That Name Sounds Familiar: Yea, it’s this guy:

kyle turley

Genre: Southern rock meets heavy metal.

Released: 2011

Audio sample: This would be the title track and its utterly ridiculous music video.

One of the Songs is About: NFL players who’ve suffered traumatic injuries.

So, I’m Guessing Roger Goodell Didn’t Buy a Copy? He’s more of a Lil Wayne fan.

Is He Still Making Music? This was actually Turley’s second album; his first, Anger Management, came out in 2010. He also has his own record label called — wait for it — Gridiron Records and he’s on all the streaming music services. Definitely the most professional musician of the ones mentioned here.

Free Reign

Heavier Than Metal

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 10.41.59 PM

Who: Offensive lineman Marc Colombo (Dallas Cowboys) and guards Leonard Davis (Dallas Cowboys) and Cory Procter (Dallas Cowboys/Miami Dolphins). 

The Band’s Collective Weight: 980 pounds

Genre: Heavy Metal

Released: 2011

Audio Sample: This heavy-metal acoustic performance.

Ringing Endorsement: “These guys take no prisoners in their music, and have been trained in their “regular jobs” to take you in their grasp and make you beg for mercy.” – Examiner

More Super Bowl Victories or Golden God Awards: They were on the Cowboys.

Are They Still Making Music? All three guys said they planned to focus on touring once they were retired from the league. However, their Facebook page hasn’t been active since last summer.

LaDainian Tomlinson

“The LT Electric Slide”

Who: Six-time All-Pro running back LaDainian Tomlinson, formerly of the San Diego Chargers and my 2008 fantasy football keeper team Shock and Win.

Why? LT was one of the league’s greatest running backs, but his team never really lived up to expectations. So, when the Chargers made the playoffs in 2010, there was reason to celebrate.

Then What Happened? The Chargers lost to the Jets in the opening round.

Then What Happened? LT’s career was never really the same after that. His production started to decline and then he ended up on the Jets.

So Music Killed the NFL Star? Yea, but we got this cool GIF:

2ush9va The Not So Great History of NFL Players Turned Musicians

Ben Utecht

Ben Utecht

ben utrecht

Who: Tight end Ben Utrecht, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals.

Was He Ever Worth Owning in Fantasy? Nope!

Genre: Christian

Released: 2009

Does Peyton Manning Guest on the Album: Sadly, no.

Does Jim Sorgi? There’s a rumor he held up the sheet music, but I’m unable to confirm.

More Career Touchdowns Catches or Number of Songs: Songs… by a landslide.

Ringing Endorsement: “A solid songwriter and exceptional singer, Utecht is a total pro. Consider this debut a touchdown.” – Crosswalk

Is He Still Making Music? It appears so: he released a Christmas album in 2011. The artwork is equally terrible.


“Let it Shine”

pacman album

Who: Cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones

Number of Songs He Has Released: One

Number of Times He Has Been Arrested: At least eight.

Why Did He Delve Into Music? Well, following one of his arrests in 2007, he was indefinitely suspended by the league and found himself with a lot of downtime.

Why Just One Song Then? He actually had plans for an entire album with his hip-hop group Posterboyz to be released under his own record label,  National Street League Records. However, the NFL felt his label’s name infringed on its trademark, and that was pretty much the end of his music career.

Then What Happened? He spent some time in the Canadian Football League and in the world of professional wrestling, but is now back in the league as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Super Boys

Everybody Wants to Be a Cowboy

cowboy album

Who: The 1995 Dallas Cowboys, including quarterback Troy Aikman, fullback Walt Garrison, tight end Jay Novacek, and special teams coach Joe Avezzano.

So This Was a Group Album? Before Cruel Summer, there was Everybody Wants to Be a Cowboy.

And They Went By the Name “Super Boys”? Now you know why most of America hates the Dallas Cowboys.

Genre: What do you think?

Bigger Troy Aikman hit: “Oklahoma Hits” or the one LaVar Arrington laid on him? I’m a Giants fan.

Do You Wish Kerry Collins, Amani Toomer, Michael Strahan, and Jessie Armstead had Made a Group Album? Nah, we have class.

Deion Sanders

Prime Time

Deion Sanders- Prime Time

Who: Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and Baltimore Ravens.

Genre: Hip-hop

Released: 1994

Ringing Endorsement: “Oh, I think so. I was at my neighborhood garage sale and someone had this cd for sale for $1 and I figured I would give it a go. How in the heck have I missed out on this guy up to this point? I literally ran full speed into my garage door for an hour because I was so mad at myself. Deion Sanders is a wonderful vocalist and songwriter. He sounds like a cross between Jeffrey Osborne and Flea. He writes about money, cars, women, more money, and growing up as a fan of “Good Times”. He is very humble and seems to be grounded even being as famous as he is. What I am trying to figure out is why the guy played sports when it is very clear he could have made Motown THE label again by churning out soul classic after soul classic. Bottom line, if you want great R & B music by someone that hasn’t been arrested, this is your guy.” – Amazon

With Reviews That Good, I’m Assuming It Was a Big Success: Well, it peaked at No. 77 on the Hip-Hop Songs Chart, but for all intents and purposes, it’s one of the worst albums ever made.

Worse Than Kobe Bryant’s Hip-Hop Album? Yes.

What Happened To Him After That? God put him on the Redskins, that’s what.

Terry Bradshaw

Sings Christmas Songs for the Whole World in 1996

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.29.08 PM

Who: Four-time Super Bowl-winning, Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers, now that creepy old man on the FOX pre-game show.

Genre: Christian Christmas music.

Released: 1996

Why 1996? The world was long overdue for another Christian Christmas album by a retired NFL quarterback.

More Super Bowl Rings or Albums? Albums… believe it or not, he has five to his name. Sings Christmas Songs for the Whole World in 1996 was his fourth and marked his first new release in 15 years.

Does Kordell Stewart Make an Appearance? Honestly, I don’t know. Pretty much all information about the album has been scraped from the Internet. Really, the only thing I can find is 75px x 75px image of the album artwork.

Then Why Are You Talking About It? Because this guy made a Christmas album.

What Can You Tell Us About His Music Career? His cover of Hank Williams’ “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” was a Top 10 Hit back in the mid-1970s. He also collaborated with Glen Campbell.

Is He Planning Another Comeback? I hear he is working with Diplo, but once again, that’s unconfirmed.

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