Listen: The Coathangers’ new song “Springfield Cannonball”


    With “Follow Me”, the lead single from Suck My Shirt, Atlanta punk outfit The Coathangers did away with their usual kitsch in favor of snarling vocals and caustic guitars. Today, they return to their more fun-loving ways with “Springfield Cannonball”. Even with filthy power chords that undulate like vintage Black Flag and drumming that would tire even Animal, it’s the trio’s grating utterance of the title that cements this song firmly in the vein of jokier, goofier acts a la The Vandals or The Dickies. Listen in below.

    Suck My Shirt is due out March 18th via Suicide Squeeze Records.

    Suck My Shirt Tracklist:
    01. Follow Me
    02. Shut Up
    03. Springfield Cannonball
    04. Merry Go Round
    05. Love Em and Leave Em
    06. Zombie
    07. Smother
    08. Dead Battery
    09. Adderall
    10. Derek’s Song
    11. I Wait
    12. Drive

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