Listen: Young Widows’ searing new song “Kerosene Girl”


    For nearly a decade, Kentucky outfit Young Widows have been steadily turning out album after album of abrasive post-hardcore — the kind whose gruesome sonic impact will make make your teeth fall out and eardrums splatter into fleshy bits. This spring, the three-piece will once again bring the noise with their fourth-full length, Easy Pain.

    Lead single “Kerosene Girl” marks the band’s first piece of new material since 2011’s In and Out of Youth and Lightness . Not surprisingly, Young Widows don’t take this comeback lightly; it’s a jarring and hefty rocker, complete with savage, sweltering guitars that grind like manic buzz saws. Listen in below.

    Young Widow’s Easy Pain arrives on May 15th through Temporary Residence.

    Easy Pain Tracklist:
    01. Godman
    02. Cool Night
    03. Kerosene Girl
    04. Doomed Moon
    05. Gift of Failure
    06. Bird Feeder
    07. King Sol
    08. The Last Young widow


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