G.G. Allin prank-call tape to be released on April Fool’s Day


Before he passed in 1993, G.G. Allin was known for his bombastic and uh, less than savory, live performances which often featured him covered in blood and his own feces. It’s kind of funny, then, to imagine the hardcore bad boy — and one of the most evil musicians, as voted by our readers — being outright prank called by a college student. But that’s exactly what happened and now there’s living proof.

On April Fool’s Day, Brooklyn label Godmode will release Pranked: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies, a limited edition, 47-minute tape of those prank calls to G.G. Allin and his brother/bassist Merle Allin.

As the story goes, per a Pitchfork feature circa 2003: “This girl from Sarah Lawrence college got his number and staged these two amazing pranks; one was over the course of five calls, she pretended to be “from Riot Grrls” and said he was on a list for volunteers. She said she wanted him to help set up equipment for a Riot Grrrls show.” After many years, the recordings have finally surfaced.

The tape, dubbed a piece of “semi-essential mid-90s Mid-Atlantic Riot Grrrl apocrypha” is limited to only 50 copies. Order this slice of history here.

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