Guided by Voices announce new album Cool Planet, stream “Bad Love Is Easy To Do”


    This has got to be a record, even for these guys: just two weeks removed from the release of Motivational Jumpsuit, the ever-prolific Guided by Voices have announced plans for a new album. Their sixth effort since reuniting in 2010, Cool Planet will hit shelves on May 13th via Guided by Voices, Inc.

    According to a press release, the 18-track effort was recorded during the “sub-freezing Polar Vortex of 2014” in a “single, proper studio” (specifically, Ohio’s Cyberteknics), a first in GBV’s post-reunion career. Robert Pollard and Co. were joined by longtime collaborator Kevin March, who replaced former drummer Kevin Fennell. (As you’ll recall, Fennell either left the band or was fired last year after attempting to sell a drum kit online for $55,000.)

    As our first taste of the album, the band’s unveiled “Bad Love Is Easy to Do”. Take a listen to the bare-bones, slightly ramshackle power-pop ballad below.


    Cool Planet Tracklist:
    01. Authoritarian Zoo
    02. Fast Crawl
    03. Psychotic Crush
    04. Costume Makes the Man
    05. Hat of Flames
    06. These Dooms
    07. Table at Fool’s Tooth
    08. All American Boy
    09. You Get Every Game
    10. Pan Swimmer
    11. The Bone Church
    12. Bad Love is Easy to Do
    13. The No Doubters
    14. Narrated by Paul
    15. Cream of Lung
    16. Males of Wormwood Mars
    17. Ticket to Hide
    18. Cool Planet

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