Listen: Japanther’s new song “Take Me In and Let Me Go”


    With “Do It (Don’t Try)”, the first single from their new album Instant Money Magic, New York punks Japanther channeled early era Weezer. Sticking with the motif of ’90s alt-rock bands, the duo find inspiration from Pavement for their latest single, “Take Me in and Let Me Go”.

    There’s no rehashing of “Cut Your Hair” or “Stereo”, but Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek manage to create the same kind of joyous slackerdom with rousing group harmonies, clanging, crashing drums, and unabashedly fuzzy guitars. Where they deviate, however, is by heavily featuring a chunky organ groove, which imbues the song with a distinct air of grimy ’60s garage pop.

    Listen in below:


    Instant Money Magic will hit stores on April 15th via Japanther’s own Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt label.

    Instant Money Magic Tracklist:
    01. Wiggmann
    02. Dreams Come True
    03. Common Borne
    04. Take Me In and Let Me Go
    05. Breb Your Revel
    06. Guns Guns Guns (feat. Total Warr)
    07. Vicious
    08. Do It (Don’t Try)
    09. Song Of The Sun
    10. Centralia, WA
    11. All We Got Is Each Other
    12. Green Jug Intro
    13. Onandoga
    14. Green Juice

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