Listen: “Thanks for the Line” from Taylor Hawkins’ new band The Birds of Satan


    Earlier this week, Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins announced the launch of a new side-project called The Birds of Satan. Also featuring Mick Murphy and Wiley Hodgen, of Hawkins’ Chevy Metal cover band, the trio will release their self-titled debut on April 15th via Shanabelle Records. Now, for our first taste of the seven-track effort, the Birds have unveiled “Thanks for the Line”.

    From the opening cascade of drums and strutting guitars, “Thanks for the Line” is an unpretentious rock romp, easy on the ears and a solid head-bobber. Hawkins’ voice may not have Grohl’s sturdiness, but he moves it playfully through the chorus, giving it all the peaks and valleys a flashy prog-rock band would ever want. Still, he’s got other tricks, too, like the unexpected piano ballad he delivers halfway through the song that’s unexpectedly torn to shreds by Murphy’s vicious guitar shredding. With a kind of punkish approach to the whole prog-rock concept, Hawkins and Co. make grandiosity and intricate musical structures seem just like good old fashioned rock and roll.

    Listen in below:

    The Birds of Satan Tracklist:
    01. The Ballad of the Birds of Satan
    02. Thanks for the Line
    03. Pieces Of The Puzzle
    04. Raspberries
    05. Nothing at All
    06. Wait Til Tomorrow
    07. Too Far Gone to See


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