Turn your keyboard into a magical musical instrument


Wanna jam but your guitar’s in the shop? Or maybe looking to piece together a tune while clocking hours at the day job? All that’s possible thanks to a new website called Patatap, which turns the very keyboard in front of you into a magical musical instrument.

Keys A through Z reveal a buffet of sonic bits, everything from twinkling synths and thwacking drums to hissing hi-hats and whirring vocal samples. Each sound is also accompanied by a fun and colorful animation, such as spinning dots and dancing zigzags. But that’s not all — one simple click of the space bar swaps in a new set of sounds and animations, guaranteeing endless hours of mindless entertainment and procrastination thoughtful musical productivity on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Patatap was designed by Jono Brandel of Google Creative Lab’s Data Arts Team and Japanese duo Lullatone. According to  Fast Co.Design, it was created in order to “capture the experience of synesthesia”, a neurological phenomenon in which senses tend to crisscross, resulting in people “seeing” sounds and “hearing” colors.

Play along with Patatap below.

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